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Breath Management for Singers Based on the Accent Method
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Main description:

Breathing and support are considered cornerstones of a secure vocal technique for classical singing. No area of vocal pedagogy has been more controversial and, despite recent advances in the understanding of how the respiratory system functions, both in speech and song, some breath management strategies for singing continue to be at odds with scientific fact. Furthermore, many singers find the development of these skills a challenge. In this practical, and concise book, Ron Morris, speech pathologist and singer, and Linda Hutchison, singer and singing teacher, introduce Accent Method breathing - a technique that is well grounded in science, as it is based on the structure and function of the respiratory system - and demonstrate with exercises, how it helps develop effective breathing and support in singers. The science and theory is presented in a language that singers and their teachers will easily understand, and the book is written in a style that is both engaging and entertaining.


1. Introduction 2. Anatomy and physiology of breathing: Basics for singers 3. Breathing for Singing: An overview of current approaches 4. Introduction to Accent Method theory and practice 5. Accent Method modifications for singing 6. Benefits of Accent Method: The evidence 7. Accent Method: The first steps 8. The first bounce 9. Largo 10. Andante 11. Allegro 12. Exercises to help carry over into singing Appendix: The 10 week Accent Method Program: How to structure group classes, implement, and move through the sequence.


ISBN-13: 9781909082168
Publisher: Compton Publishing Ltd
Publication date: September, 2015
Pages: 250
Weight: 571g
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Subcategories: Counselling & Therapy


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