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Practical Practice Solutions in Dentistry
Building Your Successful Future
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True clinical prowess is learned in the field: in the actual treatment room. The dental curriculum gives students a basic foundation on which to build true expertise, but the depth and breadth of the dental curriculum doesn't leave much room for courses on dental practice management. How to prepare a composite restoration takes precedence over how to find financial solvency post-graduation. New graduates have little to no knowledge of what it is like to run a business, let alone be the CEO of a small company. Practicing dentists are challenged by the demands of keeping current in the field while managing change in the office. This book will provide guidance on building a practice from the ground up: everyday management, hiring, online strategies, contracts, leases, ethics, law, forming a relationship with a bank, and many more skills for starting and maintaining a successful, profitable, and satisfying practice. Key Features:* Includes key strategies for a successful dental practice.* Illustrates the pros and cons of partnerships versus going solo.* Identifies how to get the most out of your dental team.* Discusses financial considerations and planning for transitions.


* Introduction* Chapter 1. Key Strategies to a Successful Dental Practice Allen M. Schiff.* Chapter 2. The Eight Biggest Practice Management Mistakes That Dentists Make Kevin C. Henry.* Chapter 3. How to Build a Profitable Practice from the Ground Up Roger P. Levin.* Chapter 4. Overview of Dental Partnerships Patrick J. Wood.* Chapter 5. How Do You Forge a Relationship with a Bank? Larry W. Gibson.* Chapter 6. Secrets of Negotiating a Great Office Lease (What the Landlord Does Not Want You to Know) Steven D. Caudill.* Chapter 7. Protect your Assets with Internal Controls Elaine A. Pesavento.* Chapter 8. Ethics and State Law Suzanne U. Stucki-McCormick.* Chapter 9. What Does Your Future Hold: Vision Statements to Policy and Procedure Manuals Sunny N. Stewart & Suzanne U. Stucki-McCormick.* Chapter 10. How to Start a Solo Practice Lilia Larin.* Chapter 11. Forensic Hiring: Put Applicants under the Microscope and Solve "The Mystery of the Revolving Door" Jan Keller.* Chapter 12. Utilizing the Dental Team (State Laws, investing in team training) Tija Hunter.* Chapter 13. Technology in Dentistry (tentative title and placement) Paul Feuerstein.* Chapter 14. Path to Paperless Dayna Johnson.* Chapter 15. Successful Online Strategies Brad Newman.* Chapter 16. Dental Benefits: Will You or Won't You? Patient Billing and Dental Benefit Company Relations Sheri B. Doniger.* Chapter 17. Dental Coding Patti DiGangi.* Chapter 18. Dentistry as a Niche Business Jean Furuyama.* Chapter 19. Dentistry-Working with Manufacturers and Industry Michael McCarthy.* Chapter 20. Practice Transitions Sarah K. Lynch.* Index.


ISBN-13: 9781607951933
Publisher: Eurospan (PMPH-USA Limited)
Publication date: August, 2017
Pages: 225
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