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G Protein-Coupled Receptors in Immune Response and Regulation: Volume 136
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G Protein-Coupled Receptors in Immune Response and Regulation, Volume 136 presents emerging concepts related to the role of GPCRs in immune response and regulation. Users will find updated chapters on a variety of topics, including Beta-adrenergic signaling in the onset and progression of asthma, the Emerging roles of Regulators of G protein signaling (RGS) proteins in the immune system, information on Kinin receptors in immune response and pathogenic infections, and sections on GPCR signaling in C. elegans and its implications in immune response, GPCR Kinases in Inflammatory response and signaling, and GRK2 in Inflammation: Regulation of T cell receptors and IgE signaling. Chapters in this book discuss not only the well-known aspects of GPCR signaling in immunology, but also presents many emerging paradigms that have not yet been reported in classical textbooks. Each chapter presents a forward-looking discussion, providing a glimpse of the tremendous potential associated with the specific receptor systems discussed.


B2-Adrenoceptor Function in AsthmaYassine Amrani and Peter BraddingG Protein-Coupled Kinin Receptors and Immunity Against PathogensJulio Scharfstein, Pablo I.P. Ramos and Manoel Barral-NettoP2Y Receptors in Immune Response and InflammationDiana Le Duc, Angela Schulz, Vera Lede, Annelie Schulze, Doreen Thor, Antje Bruser and Torsten SchonebergEmerging Roles for MAS-Related G Protein-Coupled Receptor-X2 on Host Defense Peptide, Opioid, and Neuropeptide-Mediated Inflammatory ReactionsHydar AliAdhesion GPCRs in Regulating Immune Responses and InflammationHsi-Hsien Lin, Cheng-Chih Hsiao, Caroline Pabst, Josee Hebert, Torsten Schoneberg and Jorg HamannGPCR Signaling in C. elegans and Its Implications in Immune ResponseAnjali Gupta and Varsha SinghG Protein-Coupled Receptor Kinases in the Inflammatory Response and SignalingMichael D. Steury, Laura R. McCabe and Narayanan ParameswaranCanonical and Noncanonical Signaling Roles of ss-Arrestins in Inflammation and ImmunityMohammad M. Ahmadzai, David Broadbent, Christopher Occhiuto, Canchai Yang, Rupali Das and Hariharan SubramanianEmerging Roles of Regulators of G Protein Signaling (RGS) Proteins in the Immune SystemKirk M. DrueyRoles of NHERF Family of PDZ-Binding Proteins in Regulating GPCR FunctionsDavid Broadbent, Mohammad M. Ahmadzai, Ananth K. Kammala, Canchai Yang, Christopher Occhiuto, Rupali Das and Hariharan Subramanian


ISBN-13: 9780128124031
Publisher: Elsevier (Academic Press Inc)
Publication date: November, 2017
Pages: 198
Weight: 571g
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Subcategories: Immunology, Infectious Diseases


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