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Fundamentals of Nanotechnology in Biomaterials
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Main description:

Fundamentals of Nanotechnology in Biomaterials consolidates the science and defines and describes novel applications of nanotechnology in biomaterials, ranging from the basic science, to manufacturing and processing, and to applications in medical device technology in a single volume. The book focuses on new topics by introducing the basic science and nanofabrication methods. It reviews the cellular niche and impact of nanotechnology on the physicochemical properties to explore cell-material interactions, and describes the application of nanobiomaterials for hard and soft tissue repair and specialized areas of interest in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine (e.g. stem cells). Case studies accompany applied sections to offer direction for future developments and improvements in the science. Emerging themes in antimicrobial nanotechnology related to implant-associated infection and strategies towards immunomodulation are introduced. It addresses nanotoxicology mad environmental safety leading to clinical trials, along with medical devices for use in the clinic based on these new findings. Economic and social concerns relating to the recyclability of medical devices and impact of nanotechnology on public perception, especially during times of austerity are also discussed. This book is a valuable resource for a materials scientists and biomedical engineers, but is also ideal for students and clinicians in the field.


1. 21st Century Biomaterials: A nanoscale science perspective 2. Surface Engineering and Nanofabrication 3. The cellular niche 4. Nanotechnology in tissue engineering 5. Impact of nanotechnology in regenerative medicine 6. Nanobiomaterials in medicine 7. Nanotoxicology and environmental safety: Impact of nanomaterials 8. Clinical pre-clinical and clinical trials to improve patient health care 9. Nanotechnology, governance and regulation: Current trends and outlook 10. Current R&D and commercialisation of nanobiomaterials 11. Impact of nanotechnology on public perceptions and benefits to society: why we must improve 12. Perceptions of the future 13. Conclusions


ISBN-13: 9780081010174
Publisher: Elsevier (Academic Press Inc.(London) Ltd)
Publication date: March, 2018
Pages: 400
Weight: 571g
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Subcategories: Biomedical Engineering


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