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Football Biomechanics
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Football Biomechanics explores the latest knowledge of this core discipline in sport science across all codes of the sport. Encompassing a variety of styles, including original scientific studies, syntheses of the latest research, and position statements, the text offers readers the most up-to-date and comprehensive reference of the underlying mechanics of high-level football performance. The book is divided into five parts, covering fundamental football actions, the biomechanics of direct free kicks, footwear, biomechanical considerations in skill acquisition and training, and artificial turf.
It bridges the gap between theory and practice in a variety of key areas such as: * ball kicking mechanics (in soccer and other football codes) * ball impact dynamics * aerodynamics of ball flight * special techniques (such as the 'knuckle ball shot') by world-famous players * the efficacy and development of footwear * biomechanical and motor performance differences between female and male soccer players * artificial turf from an injury and a performance perspective Made up of contributions from leading experts from around the world, Football Biomechanics is a vital resource for researchers and practitioners working in all football codes, and useful applied reading for any sport science student with an interest in football.


PART I: Football Actions 1. Does biomechanical evidence support coaching cues of kicking? HIROYUKI NUNOME 2. The support leg motion as a great contributor to football kicking KOICHIRO INOUE 3. The biomechanics of place kicking in Rugby Union NEIL BEZODIS, ALEXANDRA ATACK AND STACY WINTER 4. Impact in ovoid ball kicking KEVIN BALL 5. Biomechanical characteristics of the long throw-in HIRONARI SHINKAI PART II: Direct Free Kicks 6. Aerodynamics of modern footballs TAKESHI ASAI 7. Impact phase of the knuckle shot HONG SUNGCHAN AND TAKESHI ASAI 8. How to kick the knuckle shot: Ball impact characteristics of top professional players and its application for training HIRONARI SHINKAI AND NEAL SMITH Part III: Footwear 9. Kicking accuracy can be influenced by soccer shoe design EWALD M. HENNIG & KATHARINA ALTHOFF 10. Biomechanical and motor performance differences between female and male soccer players: Influences on the game and recommendations for gender specific footwear KATHARINA ALTHOFF & EWALD M. HENNIG 11. Plantar pressure distribution patterns during soccer specific movements ERIC EILS 12. Influence of traction on running performance and lower extremity loading of soccer players: Interplay of shoes, surfaces and training THORSTEN STERZING 13 Boot-turf interaction during a 180 cutting movement on artificial turf when wet and dry DIRK DE CLERCQ, GIJS DEBUYCK, ALISON SHEETS, JOERI GERLO, STIJN RAMBOUR, VEERLE SEGERS & INE VAN CAEKENBERGHE PART IV: Skill Acquisition and Training 14. Technique Modifications to Create More Powerful Kicking Actions in Experienced Players NEAL SMITH 15. Skill change in elite-level kickers: Interdisciplinary considerations of an applied framework HOWIE CARSON, PHILIP KEARNEY & DAVE COLLINS PART V: Artificial Turf 16 Critical issues of shock absorbing property and its detection test of long pile artificial turf in football HIROYUKI NUNOME 17. Artificial turf in football: An injury perspective GERDA STRULZENBERGER, LEN NOKES & GARETH IRWIN 18. Artificial turf in football: A performance perspective GERDA STRULZENBERGER, WOLFGANG POTTHAST & GARETH IRWIN Epilogue Index


ISBN-13: 9781138195127
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Routledge)
Publication date: November, 2017
Pages: 256
Weight: 571g
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Subcategories: Biomechanics


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