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Understanding Pain
An Introduction for Patients and Caregivers
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Main description:

Pain is informally defined as the body's way of uncovering a problem. Whether due to an injury, infection, or something else, pain alerts a person that something is not right. Sometimes pain goes along with inflammation and swelling, and when it does, the problem is more evident. Oftentimes, pain is more generalized to the entire body, signaling a viral infection such as a flu virus. Still other times, there is no apparent root cause for a person's pain. Yet, millions of people suffer from some form of pain on a daily basis. Understanding Pain walks readers through the various types of pain, the causes and symptoms, as well as the methods of treatment currently available. From prescription medication to acupuncture and massage therapy, various approaches may work for some but not for others. But handling pain is essential for living well and functioning on a daily basis. Here, the authors provide a comprehensive introduction to the subject, covering self-care as well as caring for others in pain, and addressing alternative as well as traditional methods of pain management.


Preface Part I: Groundwork 1 Introduction to Pain 2 Introduction to the Nervous System 3 Physiology of the Neuron 4 Occurrence of Pain 5 History of Pain 6 Different Interpretations of Pain 7 Changing Culture of Pain Part II: Clinical Picture 8 Pathology of Pain 9 Diagnosing Pain 10 Causes of Pain 11 Damaging Effects of Pain 12 Role of Internists and Family Practice Physicians 13 Role of Physical Medicine and Rehab in Pain Care 14 Role of the Pain Management Specialist 15 Congenital Insensitivity to Pain 16 Acute vs. Chronic Pain 17 Occupational Pain 18 Sports-Related Pain 19 Pain from Excessive Movement 20 Pain from Sedentary Lifestyle 21 Pain from Aging Part IV: Resolutions 22 Troubleshooting Pain 23 Natural Pain Approaches 24 Diets for Pain Relief 25 Exercises for Pain Relief 26 Addressing the Mental Aspects 27 Surgery and other Nonpharmacological Approaches 28 Pharmacological Approaches Part V: Wrap-up 29 Second Opinions 30 Conclusion Appendix A: Pain-related Links Appendix B: Research and Training Appendix D: Nationally Recognized Pain Clinics Appendix E: For Further Reading Notes Glossary Bibliography Index


ISBN-13: 9781442233614
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Publication date: April, 2015
Pages: 376
Dimensions: 152.00 x 236.00 x 33.00