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Think You're Crazy? Think Again
A Resource Book for Cognitive Therapy for Psychosis
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Main description:

Are you troubled by hearing voices or seeing visions that others do not? Do you believe that other people are trying to harm you or control you? Do you feel that something odd is going on that you can't explain or that things are happening around you with a special meaning? Do you worry that other people can read your mind or that thoughts are being put in your head? Think You're Crazy? Think Again provides an effective step-by-step aid to understanding your problems, making positive changes and promoting recovery. Written by experts in the field, this book will help you to: * understand how your problems developed and what keeps them going * use questionnaires and monitoring sheets to identify and track changes in the links between your experiences, how you make sense of these and how you feel and behave * learn how to change thoughts, feelings and behaviour for the better * practice skills between sessions using worksheets Based on clinically proven techniques and filled with examples of how cognitive therapy can help people with distressing psychotic experiences, Think You're Crazy? Think Again will be a valuable resource for people with psychosis.


What is Psychosis? Are My Experiences Abnormal? Will I be Like This Forever? What's Happening to me? Evaluating Your Thoughts. Evaluating Your Thoughts by Changing Your Behaviour. Helpful and Unhelpful Ways of Coping. Feeling Good About Yourself. Staying Well. Using Medication. Recovery. Who Can Help?


ISBN-13: 9781317822172
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Routledge)
Publication date: April, 2008
Pages: 160