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Residential Interventions for Children, Adolescents, and Families
A Best Practice Guide
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Main description:

Now more than ever there is a need to ensure that best practices are being used in residential programs. As the focus on costs and outcomes increase, residential programs must clearly demonstrate that the interventions provided are efficient and effective. Readers will learn how to: * Create strength-based, empowering and healing environments; * Better engage and partner with children, adolescents and families, in meaningful ways; * Support those who have experienced trauma and loss, and to prevent and eliminate the use of restraint and seclusion; * Respect and include cultural indices in practices; * Train, mentor, supervise, support and empower staff about how to deliver promising and best practices, and evidence-informed and evidence-based interventions; and * Track long-term outcomes, and create funding strategies to better support sustained positive outcomes.
This book encourages readers to think strategically about how agencies, communities and systems can identify and implement actions that lead to positive change and how to work more collaboratively to improve the lives of children and adolescents who have experienced emotional and behavioral life challenges and their families.


1. Improving Outcomes in Residential Treatment Kaitlyn Harrington, Kristin Williams-Washington, Beth Caldwell, Robert Lieberman, and Gary Blau 2. Residential Treatment: A Historical Perspective Robert Lieberman and Wendy den Dunnen 3. Family-Driven Care Joe Anne Hust and Anne Kuppinger 4. Clinical Strategies for Engaging Families Thomas L. Sexton, G. Olivia Rios, Karen A. Johnson, and Brenda R. Plante 5. Becoming a Youth-Guided Residential Organization Eric Lulow, Kaitlyn Harrington, Marvin Alexander, Lacy Kendrick Burk 6. Cultural and Linguistic Competence in Residential Programs: Why, What, and How Vivian H. Jackson, Sylvia Fisher, Deborah Green 7. Trauma-Informed Care Janice LeBel and Neil Kelly 8. Linking Residential and Community Jody Levinson-Johnson and Jeremy C. Kohomban 9. Seclusion and Restraint Use in Residential Programs Janice LeBel, Kevin Ann Huckshorn, and Beth Caldwell 10. Innovative Residential Interventions for Young Adults in Transition Marc Fagan, Maryann Davis, Brian M. Denietolis, and Diane L. Sondheimer 11. Best Practices in Psychotropic Medication Treatment during Residential Interventions for Youth and Families Christopher Bellonci and Jonathan Huefner 12. Initial Steps in the Culture Change Process Beth Caldwell, Sue Beck, John Damon, JoeAnne Hust, Jim Nyreen, and Raquel Montes 13. Creating Organizational Culture Change: One Agency's Transformation toward Long-Term Positive Outcomes Jim L. Dalton 14. Tracking Long-Term Strength-Based Outcomes Richard Dougherty, Deborah Strod, Sylvia Fisher, Samantha Broderick, and Robert Lieberman 15. Policy & Monitoring: Federal, State, and County Examples of Transformation Julie Collins, William Mclaughlin, Sherry Peters, and Michael Rauso 16. International Approaches to Residential Interventions John S. Lyon and Thahn Ly 17. Best Practice in Residential: The Road Ahead Gary Blau, Beth Caldwell, and Bob Lieberman


ISBN-13: 9781135009939
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Routledge)
Publication date: June, 2014
Pages: 240