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Religion and Psychiatry
Beyond Boundaries
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Religion (and spirituality) is very much alive and shapes the cultural values and aspirations of psychiatrist and patient alike, as does the choice of not identifying with a particular faith. Patients bring their beliefs and convictions into the doctor-patient relationship. The challenge for mental health professionals, whatever their own world view, is to develop and refine their vocabularies such that they truly understand what is communicated to them by their patients. Religion and Psychiatry provides psychiatrists with a framework for this understanding and highlights the importance of religion and spirituality in mental well-being. This book aims to inform and explain, as well as to be thought provoking and even controversial. Patiently and thoroughly, the authors consider why and how, when and where religion (and spirituality) are at stake in the life of psychiatric patients. The interface between psychiatry and religion is explored at different levels, varying from daily clinical practice to conceptual fieldwork. The book covers phenomenology, epidemiology, research data, explanatory models and theories.
It also reviews the development of DSM V and its awareness of the importance of religion and spirituality in mental health. What can religious traditions learn from each other to assist the patient? Religion and Psychiatry discusses this, as well as the neurological basis of religious experiences. It describes training programmes that successfully incorporate aspects of religion and demonstrates how different religious and spiritual traditions can be brought together to improve psychiatric training and daily practice.* Describes the relationship of the main world religions with psychiatry* Considers training, policy and service delivery* Provides powerful support for more effective partnerships between psychiatry and religion in day to day clinical care This is the first time that so many psychiatrists, psychologists and theologians from all parts of the world and from so many different religious and spiritual backgrounds have worked together to produce a book like this one. In that sense, it truly is a World Psychiatric Association publication.
Religion and Psychiatry is recommended reading for residents in psychiatry, postgraduates in theology, psychology and psychology of religion, researchers in psychiatric epidemiology and trans-cultural psychiatry, as well as professionals in theology, psychiatry and psychology of religion


List of Contributors Foreword Preface General Introduction: Religion and Science Peter J. Verhagen PART 1 PROLEGOMENA (FIRST ISSUES): HISTORY, PHILOSOPHY, SCIENCE AND CULTURE Introduction 1.1 Evil in Historical Perspective: At the Intersection of Religion and Psychiatry Michael H. Stone 1.2 Linguistic Analysis and Values-Based Practice: One Way of Getting Started with Some Kinds of Philosophical Problems at the Interface Between Psychiatry and Religion Bill (K.W.M.) Fulford 1.3 Science and Transcendence in Psychopathology; Lessons from Existentialism Juan J. Lopez-Ibor Jr. & Maria Ines Lopez-Ibor Alcocer 1.4 Psychiatry of the Whole Person - Contribution of Spirituality in form of Mystic (Sufi) Thinking Ahmad Mohit PART 2 MAIN ISSUES: THE INTERFACE BETWEEN PSYCHIATRY, MENTAL HEALTH AND MAJOR RELIGIOUS TRADITIONS Introduction 87 2.1 Judaism and Psychiatry Ayala Uri, Noa Navot & Alan Apter 2.2 Christianity and Psychiatry John R. Peteet 2.3 Religion and Mental Health in Islam Ahmed Okasha 2.4 Psychiatry and African Religion Frank G. Njenga, Anna Nguithi & Sam G. Gatere 2.5 Hinduism and Mental Health R. Srinivasa Murthy 2.6 Buddhism and Psychotherapy in Japan Naotaka Shinfuku & Kenji Kitanishi 2.7 Psychiatry and Theravada Buddhism Pichet Udomratn PART 3 CORE ISSUES: RELIGION AND PSYCHOPATHOLOGY Introduction 209 3.1 Religious Experience and Psychopathology Juan J. Lopez-Ibor Jr. & Maria Ines Lopez-Ibor Alcocer 3.2 God's Champions and Adversaries: About the Borders between Normal and Abnormal Religiosity Herman M. van Praag 3.3 Religion and Psychopathology: Psychosis and Depression Andrew C. P. Sims 3.4 Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Religion: A Reconnaissance Harold J. G. M. van Megen, Dianne A. den Boer-Wolters & Peter J. Verhagen 3.5 Religion and Psychoanalysis: Past and Present Allan M. Josephson, Armand Nicholi Jr. & Allan Tasman 3.6 On the Psychology of Religious Fundamentalism John, Lord Alderdice 3.7 Measurement at the Interface of Psychiatry and Religion: Issues and Existing Measures Peter C. Hill & Carissa Dwiwardani PART 4 RESEARCH ISSUES Introduction 4.1 Religion and Mental Health: What Do You Mean When You Say 'Religion'? What Do You Mean When You Say 'Mental Health'? Charles H. Hackney 4.2 A Moment of Anger, a Lifetime of Favor: Image of God, Personality, and Orthodox Religiosity Elisabeth H.M. Eurelings-Bontekoe & Hanneke Schaap-Jonker 4.3 The Relationship Between an Orthodox Protestant Upbringing and Current Orthodox Protestant Adherence, DSM-IV Axis II B Cluster Personality Disorders and Structural Borderline Personality Organization Elisabeth H.M. Eurelings-Bontekoe & Patrick Luyten 4.4 When Religion Goes Awry: Religious Risk Factors for Poorer Health and Well-Being Hisham Abu Raiya, Kenneth I. Pargament & Gina Magyar-Russell 4.5 Religious Practice and Mental Health: a Moroccan Experience Driss Moussaoui & Nadia Kadri 4.6 Religious and Spiritual Considerations in Psychiatric Diagnosis: Considerations for the DSM-V David Lukoff, C. Robert Cloninger, Marc Galanter, David M. Gellerman, Linda Glickman, Harold G. Koenig, Francis G. Lu, William E. Narrow, John R. Peteet, Samuel B. Thielman & C. Paul Yang PART 5 INTERDISCIPLINARY ISSUES: PSYCHOTHERAPY, PASTORAL CARE AND MEANING GIVING Introduction 5.1 Gods of the Horizon: The Therapist's and the Patient's Religious Representations and the Inevitability of Countertransference Moshe Halevi Spero 5.2 Assumptions About Pastoral Care, Spirituality and Mental Health Peter J. Verhagen & Adamantios G. Avgoustidis 5.3 Coming to Terms with Loss in Schizophrenia - The Search for Meaning Hanneke (J.K.) Muthert PART 6 CONTROVERSIAL ISSUES: RELIGION AND THE BRAIN Introduction 6.1 The Limits of Scientific Understanding and their Relevance for the Role of Religion in Psychiatry Robert H. Belmaker 6.2 Seat of the Divine: A Biological 'Proof of God's Existence'? Herman M. van Praag 6.3 Neuro-Theology: Demasque of Religions Dick F. Swaab & Wilma T.P. Verweij PART 7 TRAINING ISSUES: RESIDENCY TRAINING AND CONTINUOUS EDUCATION Introduction 7.1 Religion and the Training of Psychotherapists Allan M. Josephson, John R. Peteet & Allan Tasman 7.2 Multicultural Education and Training in Religion and Spirituality Peter J. Verhagen & John L. Cox Epilogue: Proposal for a World Psychiatric Association Consensus or Position Statement on Spirituality and Religion in Psychiatry Peter J. Verhagen & Christopher C.H. Cook Notes on Contributors Index of Names Index of Subjects


ISBN-13: 9781118378427
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Ltd (Wiley-Blackwell (an imprint of John Wiley & Sons Ltd))
Publication date: December, 2009
Pages: 680
Dimensions: 180.00 x 252.00 x 41.00

Subcategories: Diseases and Disorders, Psychiatry