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Patient Participation In Health Care Consultations
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Main description:

"The contributors to this book are experts in their field, adding a credibility that helps the reader relax. The varied experiences of people working not only within the UK but also Finland - where much of the work in this area has been caried out - are showcased."
Nursing Standard

  • How does patient participation work in practice?
  • What does it look like when it happens?
  • How can it be researched and how can it be taught?
This comprehensive new book provides answers to these questions by exploring interconnections between theory, research and practice. It draws on different disciplinary perspectives in the health and social sciences and invites comparisons between different health care settings.

With patient participation as the central theme, this book:

  • Draws on patient, professional and academic perspectives
  • Makes substantive contributions to policy, practice and professional development
  • Contributes to the development of the field by offering new material and insights
The research content of each chapter is accompanied by ideas for its educational and practical application. Real examples invite comparison with academic research and health professionals’ experience.

Patient Participation in Health Care Consultations takes a multidisciplinary approach and is key reading for students and academics in health and social sciences and for practising health care professionals. It will also be of interest to patients, carers and policy makers.

Contributors: Sarah Collins, Nicky Britten, Carol Bugge, John Chatwin, Rowena Field, Joseph Gafaranga, Aled Jones, Pirjo Lindfors, Anssi Perakyla, Johanna Ruusuvuori, Fiona Stevenson, Andrew Thompson, Ian Watt.


ISBN-13: 9780335229598
Publisher: McGraw-Hill (Open University Press)
Publication date: April, 2007
Pages: 224

Subcategories: General Practice


Sarah Collins has a background in languages, communication and social sciences. She designs and teaches courses on communication in nursing and medicine at postgraduate, undergraduate and continuing professional development level. She researches patient-professional communication in health care consultations using conversation analysis and comparative and interdisciplinary techniques.

Professor Nicky Britten (MSc, PhD, FRCGP Hon), Co-editorInstitute of Health and Social Care ResearchPeninsula Medical SchoolNicky Britten is a sociologist with a particular interest in patient-doctor communication about prescribed medicines. She has been involved with postgraduate education for healthcare professionals for many years and is currently leading a new MSc in Integrated Health Care. She is co editor of the Oxford Textbook of Primary Medical Care.

Dr. Johanna Ruusuvuori (PhD) Co-editor Assistant Professor in Social PsychologyDept. of Sociology and Social PsychologyUniversity of TampereJohanna Ruusuvuori is a social psychologist with an interest in interaction between professionals and clients in health care environments. She has been involved in several research projects studying doctor-patient communication and homeopathy. Her current research interests include the study of emotion in social interaction, interaction and outcome in health care services, and comparison of different types of health care encounters.

Andrew Thompson (BSc, PhD), Co-editor Senior Lecturer in Advanced Quantitative Methods, School of Social and Political Studies, University of Edinburgh Andy Thompson is a social scientist with a background in management and public policy. He teaches courses on the politics of the public sector, as well as social statistics. Research interests include patient and public involvement in health services and the measurement of patient satisfaction.