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New Arab Man
Emergent Masculinities, Technologies, and Islam in the Middle East
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Main description:

Middle Eastern Muslim men have been widely vilified as terrorists, religious zealots, and brutal oppressors of women. "The New Arab Man" challenges these stereotypes with the stories of ordinary Middle Eastern men as they struggle to overcome infertility and childlessness through assisted reproduction. Drawing on two decades of ethnographic research across the Middle East with hundreds of men from a variety of social and religious backgrounds, Marcia Inhorn shows how the new Arab man is self-consciously rethinking the patriarchal masculinity of his forefathers and unseating received wisdoms. This is especially true in childless Middle Eastern marriages where, contrary to popular belief, infertility is more common among men than women. Inhorn captures the marital, moral, and material commitments of couples undergoing assisted reproduction, revealing how new technologies are transforming their lives and religious sensibilities. And she looks at the changing manhood of husbands who undertake transnational "egg quests" - set against the backdrop of war and economic uncertainty - out of devotion to the infertile wives they love.
Trenchant and emotionally gripping, "The New Arab Man" traces the emergence of new masculinities in the Middle East in the era of biotechnology.


List of Figures ix List of Tables xi Prologue: Hamza, My Infertile Driver xiii Introduct ion: Reconceiving Middle Eastern Manhood Part I : Emergent Masculini t ies Chapter 1. Hegemonic Masculinity 39 Chapter 2. Infertile Subjectivities 63 Chapter 3. Love Stories 91 Chapter 4. Consanguineous Connectivity 123 Part II : Islamic Masculini t ies Chapter 5. Masturbation and Semen Collection 161 Chapter 6. Islam and Assisted Reproduction 193 Chapter 7. Sperm Donation and Adoption 228 Chapter 8. Egg Donation and Emergence 262 Conclus ion: Emergent Masculinities in the Middle East 299 Acknowledgments 319 Appendix: The Assisted Reproduction Fatwas 325 Glossary of Arabic Terms 333 Glossary of Medical Terms 337 Notes 345 References Cited 363 Index 389


ISBN-13: 9781400842629
Publisher: Princeton University Press
Publication date: March, 2012
Pages: 424
Dimensions: 152.00 x 229.00 x 33.00

Subcategories: Public Health