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mHealth in Practice
Mobile Technology for Health Promotion in the Developing World
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Main description:

There has recently been an explosion of interest around the application of mobile communication technologies to support health initiatives in developing countries (mHealth). As a result, there is a need to promote and share rigorous research for better informed policy, programming, and investment. There are, however, few platforms for the exchange of information and proven practice between practitioners and researchers. The subtopic of prevention, well-being, and health promotion within mHealth is particularly ripe for deeper exploration. While many reports tout the potential of mobiles to influence behaviour change for health, there is limited knowledge about what works (and what does not work), and about how to evaluate current and future programs. This is a focused edited volume with contributions from leading researchers and practitioners to identify best practices in using mobile technologies to promote healthy behaviours (and reduce unhealthy ones) in resource-constrained settings with a special focus on developing countries. This topic is inherently interdisciplinary.
Though the opportunities to leverage mobile phones for health are new, the challenges confronting researchers and practitioners are well-established and theoretically complex, with roots in decades of work on mediated behaviour change campaigns and theories.


Contents Notes on Contributors Acknowledgements 1. mHealthy Behaviors: Engaging Researchers and Practitioners in a Facilitated Dialogue on Mobile-mediated Health Behavior Change 2. State of Behavior Change Initiatives and How Mobile Phones are Transforming It 3. mHealthy Behavior Studies: Lessons from a Systematic Review 4. Developing and Adapting a Text Messaging Intervention for Smoking Cessation from New Zealand for the United Kingdom 5. mHealth hope or hype: experiences from Cell-Life 6. Tele-self-management support for Type 2 Diabetes: Working through public primary care centers in Santiago, Chile 7. Mobile Persuasive Messages for Rural Maternal Health Error! 8. MOTECH 9. Experiences from the MediNet Project: The Programmer's Perspective 10. Text to Change: Pioneers in using mobile phones as persuasive technology on health in Africa 11. Freedom HIV/AIDS: Mobile Phone Games for Health Communication and BC 12. Adhere.IO 13. Conclusion


ISBN-13: 9781780932811
Publisher: Bloomsbury Academic
Publication date: November, 2012
Pages: 208
Dimensions: 156.00 x 234.00 x 20.00