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Leadership in Surgery
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Main description:

How does one become a successful leader? This book teaches the theories and concepts behind leadership and explains the skills and traits needed to become a good leader.

Teaching surgical faculty and trainees (i.e., residents and fellows) how to successfully lead will create more effective surgeon leaders.  The skills and theories reviewed in this Volume are highly useful for numerous leadership situations, ranging from heading a committee, leading a research laboratory, directing a clinical effort, leading a Division, leading a Department, among others.  By gathering these skills and theories into one comprehensive, portable book, more readers will have access to them. 


The book teaches key aspects of surgical leadership, including theories as well as practical tips on how to become a good leader

Detailed examples of how to manage different situations are provided to make the book easily comprehensible

This book teaches practical management skills for a surgical leader

Back cover:

This comprehensive book teaches the theories and concepts behind leadership and explains the skills and traits needed to become a good leader. The authors discuss practical management skills, including conflict resolution techniques, how to manage difficult personalities and how to effectively manage up. The readers will learn to build and motivate a team, understand personality types and how to manage to their strengths.


Success in Academic Surgery: Leadership in Surgery is a highly useful book to anyone in the surgical field, providing clear examples and useful tips for what to do in the role of a surgical leader from current leaders in surgery.


​1. What is leadership?.- 2. Leadership in surgery.- 3. The Ontology of Leadership: Are you ready to be a leader?.- 4. Leadership theories and Styles.- 5. Leadership traits – Are people born to lead?.- 6. Understanding emotional intelligence and its role in leadership.- 7. Common mistakes in leadership.- 8. Practical tips for developing leadership skills early in a career.- 9. Leading teams effectively: Motivating and prioritizing work.- 10. How to manage difficult team members.- 11. How to effectively manage up.- 12. How to manage difficult situations and decisions: Conflict resolution.- 13. Change management - How to effectively lead to a cultural or organizational change.- 14. How culture influences leadership styles.- 15. Women as leaders in surgery.- 16. What does it mean to be an underrepresented minority leader in surgery?.


ISBN-13: 9783319111070
Publisher: Springer (Springer International Publishing)
Publication date: May, 2015
Pages: 250

Subcategories: General, General Practice