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Integrated Group Therapy for Bipolar Disorder and Substance Abuse
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Main description:

Packed with practical clinical tools, this book presents an empirically supported treatment expressly designed for clients with both bipolar disorder and substance use disorders. Integrated group therapy teaches essential recovery behaviors and relapse prevention skills that apply to both illnesses. The volume provides a complete session-by-session overview of the approach, including clear guidelines for setting up and running groups, implementing the cognitive-behavioral treatment techniques, and troubleshooting frequently encountered problems. In a large-size format for easy reference and photocopying, the book features 29 reproducible handouts and forms. This book will be important reading for clinical psychologists, social workers, substance abuse counselors, psychiatrists, and other clinicians who treat clients with substance use and mood disorders. It may also serve as a supplemental text in graduate-level courses.


Part I: Overview of Integrated Group Therapy. An Introduction to Integrated Group Therapy. General Principles of Integrated Group Therapy for Co-occurring Bipolar Disorder and Substance Abuse. Therapist Guide for the Integrated Group Therapy Pregroup Interview. Conducting an Integrated Group Therapy Session. Part II: Integrated Group Therapy Sessions. Session 1: It's Two Against One, But You Can Win! Session 2: Identifying and Fighting Triggers. Session 3: Dealing with Depression Without Abusing Substances. Session 4: Dealing with Family Members and Friends. Session 5: Denial, Ambivalence, and Acceptance. Session 6: Reading Your Signals: Recognizing Early Warning Signs of Trouble. Session 7: Refusing Alcohol and Drugs: Thinking It Through and Knowing What to Say. Session 8: Using Self-Help Groups. Session 9: Taking Medication. Session 10: Recovery versus Relapse Thinking: It Matters What You Do. Session 11: Taking Care of Yourself. Session 12: Taking the Group with You. Appendix A: Rating Adherence and Fidelity: Ensuring That Integrated Group Therapy is Done Properly. Appendix B: Bulletin Board Material. Appendix C: Frequently Asked Questions about Integrated Group Therapy.


ISBN-13: 9781609184773
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Guilford Publications)
Publication date: April, 2011
Pages: 224
Dimensions: 203.00 x 266.00 x 20.00

Subcategories: Addictions and Therapy, Psychiatry