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Human Reproductive Biology
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Main description:

This acclaimed text has been fully revised and updated, now incorporating issues including aging of the reproductive system, and updates on the chapters on conception and Gamete Transport and Fertilization, and Pregnancy. "Human Reproductive Biology, 3rd Edition" emphasizes the biological and biomedical aspects of human reproduction, explains advances in reproductive science and discusses the choices and concerns of today. Generously illustrated in full color, the text provides current information about human reproductive anatomy and physiology. This ideal book for courses on human reproductive biology - includes chapter introductions, sidebars on related topics of interest, chapter summaries and suggestions for further reading. All material is completely updated with the latest research results, methods, and topics now organized to facilitate logical presentation of topics. There are new chapters on Reproductive Senescence, Conception: Gamete Transport, Fertilization, Pregnancy: Maternal Aspects and Pregnancy: Foetal Development. It features full color illustrations, and a new companion website featuring latest information on current related topics.


Part I: The Adult Female and Male Reproductive Systems Chapter 1: The Brain and Pituitary Gland Chapter 2: The Female Reproductive System Chapter 3: The Menstrual Cycle Chapter 4: The Male Reproductive System Part II: Sex Differentiation and Development Chapter 5: Sexual Differentiation Chapter 6: Puberty Chapter 7: Reproductive Aging Part III: Procreation Chapter 8: The Human Sexual Response Chapter 9: Gamete Transport and Fertilization Chapter 10: Pregnancy Chapter 11: Labor and Birth Chapter 12: The Neonate and the New Parents Part IV: Fertility and Its Control Chapter 13: Human Population Growth and Family Planning Chapter 14: Contraception Chapter 15: Induced Abortion Chapter 16: Infertility Part V: Special Topics in Human Reproductive Biology Chapter 17: Brain Sex Chapter 18: Sexually Transmitted Diseases


ISBN-13: 9780080508368
Publisher: Elsevier (Academic Press Inc)
Publication date: May, 2006
Pages: 624
Dimensions: 184.00 x 260.00 x 31.00

Subcategories: Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Reproductive Medicine