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Healing 9/11
Creative Programming by Occupational Therapists
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Main description:

"Healing 9/11" examines programmes and interventions created and implemented by occupational therapists to aid those affected directly - and indirectly - by the 9/11 attacks. Ideal for courses in trauma and recovery, community interventions, disaster recovery, health programs and implementation, and mental health interventions as well as for professionals, this powerful book chronicles the experiences of OTs who worked with fire-fighters, burn victims, and displaced workers, as well as children, students, and clients suffering long-term symptoms of depression and anxiety. These first-hand accounts offer rare insights into the healing process for victims of terrorism (including OTs themselves), and serve as a guide to developing outreach and counselling services to those touched by future incidents. "Healing 9/11" continues the work of "Surviving 9/11: Impact and Experiences of Occupational Therapy Practitioners" (Haworth), presenting detailed personal and professional accounts from OTs who provided physical, emotional, and psychosocial relief to thousands of disaster victims.
This unique book reveals how OTs provided aggressive manual therapy, wound care, and scar management to the critically injured; how OTs analysed the job market and found work for people who had lost their livelihoods; how OTs worked with students in classroom settings to relieve their anxieties; and how OTs helped rescue workers at Ground Zero deal with the emotions that threatened to overpower them. "Healing 9/11: Creative Programming by Occupational Therapists" is an essential resource for all healthcare professionals who offer relief in times of disaster.


About the Contributors Introduction and Acknowledgments (Pat Precin) FROM MY BEDROOM WINDOW: TIME-LAPSE PHOTOGRAPHY BY JOANNE TORRES PART I: PROGRAMS AND INTERVENTIONS Counseling Firefighters Post 9/11: An Occupational and Dance Movement Therapists' Interventions and Experiences (Joanne Cordero and Christine Zimbelmann) Overcoming All Odds (Corina Hall, Christina A. Forenz, Dan Lynch, and Robert Young) Psychosocial Occupational Therapy Intervention During the 9/11 Tragedy (Mary Squillace) Moving to New York City: Helping 9/11 Children (Christina Hughes) Coping with September 11th: An Occupational Therapist Faculty Member's Perspective (Mary Beth Early) Rebuilding Lives Through the Employment Placement Program of 9/11 (Pat Precin and Chelle Marie) Occupational Therapist, Biomedical Science Corps Officer and Former Firefighter (Frank R. Pascarelli) Reach Out and Have Some Fun: Combating Isolation in the Aftermath of Terror: A Program for Psychiatric Patients (Cheryl King) PART II: CREATIVITY Creating Healing Through Artistic Symbols (Pat Precin) Pining the Pieces Back Together... (Janine Gallo) The Unspoken Words: Reflections on a Keynote Address Following 9/11 (Jeanne E. Lewin) Index Reference Notes Included


ISBN-13: 9781317955504
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Routledge Member of the Taylor and Francis Group)
Publication date: February, 2006
Pages: 216
Dimensions: 155.00 x 218.00 x 18.00