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Handbook of Nutrition and Food, Second Edition
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Main description:

Significantly revised and updated, this second edition of the bestselling "Handbook of Nutrition and Food" welcomes contributions from several new authors, including Elaine B. Feldman and Johanna Dwyer, all notable leaders in nutritional science. Retaining the high level of scientific research, accessible language, and attention to detail of the original, this new edition reflects the changes and developments of the past six years in nutrition research by adding 12 new chapters and tripling the number of referential web addresses. Beginning with an overview of food and food constituents, the book outlines current nutrient analysis systems, techniques for data analysis, and food labeling. The second section reviews nutrition science including terminology, biochemistry, nutrient-nutrient interactions, and comparative nutrition. There is a detailed assessment in section three on nutritional needs throughout the lifecycle from pregnancy and infant nutrition, childhood and adolescence, to adulthood and later years. It highlights exercise and the value of vegetarian diets in health promotion and disease prevention.
Section four considers issues surrounding nutritional assessment, screening, and monitoring tools including questionnaires, and anthropometric-, psychological-, and energy-assessments. The book discusses particular challenges relevant to minority populations, school age children, and military recruits, and compares dietary guidelines in the US and around the world. Fully one third of the book relates the latest findings in clinical nutrition and the prevention and amelioration of wide range of disease states. In addition to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and renal diseases, the contributions cover cancer treatment, eating disorders, pancreatic health, eye diseases, alcohol metabolism, food allergies, the genetics of human obesity, and herbal supplements. Covering an incredible range of information from basic biochemistry, to population studies, to nutrition intervention, and medical concerns, "Handbook of Nutrition and Food, Second Edition" is an indispensable reference for any professional library.


FOOD Food Constituents, C.D. Berdanier Microbiological Safety of Foods, K.S. Venkitanarayanan and M.P. Doyle Food Labeling: Foods and Dietary Supplements, C.J. Geiger Computerized Nutrient Analysis Systems, J.Ashley and G. Snow Nutrient Data Analysis Techniques and Strategies, A.R. Dyer, K. Liu, and C.T. Sempos NUTRITION SCIENCE Nutrition Terminology, C.D. Berdanier Nutritional Biochemistry, C.D. Berdanier Trace Mineral Deficiencies, F.H. Nielsen Vitamin Deficiencies, R.S. Rivlin Potential Benefi ts for the Use of Vitamin and Mineral Supplements, R. Cotter, J. Moreines, and L. Ellenbogen Nutrient-Nutrient Interactions, C.D. Berdanier Comparative Nutrition, W.P. Flatt and C.D. Berdanier NUTRITION THROUGHOUT LIFE Nutrition During Pregnancy and Lactation, K.M. Kolasa and D.G. Weismiller Feeding the Premature Infant, B. Baisden, C. Bunyapen, and J. Bhatia Feeding the Term Infant, Y. Gamble, C. Bunyapen, and J. Bhatia Nutrition for Healthy Children and Adolescents Aged 2 to 18 Years, S. Domel Baxter /2007 11:49:27 AM Health-Promoting Diet for Adults, M. Read Nutrition in Later Years, M.A. Johnson and S. Park Exercise and Nutrient Need, E.M. Laing Vegetarian Diets in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, C.S. Plaisted Fernandez and K.M. Adams NUTRITION ASSESSMENT Dietary Guidelines, Food Guidance, and Dietary Quality, E. Kennedy and J. Goldberg Dietary Guidelines Around the World: An Update, O.I. Bermudez, J.T. Dwyer, W. Yu, and L.G. Tolstoi Nutrition Monitoring in the United States, J. Pennington Nutrition Monitoring and Research Studies: Observational Studies, J.H. Voeks, S.E. Perumean-Chaney, and G. Cutter Nutrition Screening and Monitoring Tools, R. Chernoff Dietary Intake Assessment: Methods for Adults, H. Smiciklas-Wright, D.C. Mitchell, and J. Harris Ledikwe Use of Food Frequency Questionnaires in Minority Populations, R.S. Reeves and P.W. Pace Methods and Tools for Dietary Intake Assessment in Individuals vs. Groups, M.L. Neuhouser and R.E. Patterson Lessons Learned over 35 Years: Dietary Assessment Methods for School-Age Children, R.S. McPherson Day, D.M. Hoelscher, C.A. Eastham, and E.M. Koers Anthropometric Assessment: Historical Perspectives, G.A. Bray Anthropometric Assessment: Stature, Weight, and the Body Mass Index in Adults, W.C. Chumlea, M.J. LaMonte, and G.A. Bray The How and Why of Body Composition Assessment in Adults, W.C. Chumlea, K.E. Remsberg, and M.D. Van Loan Height, Weight, and Body Mass Index in Childhood, C.L. Williams and M. Horlick Frame Size, Circumferences, and Skinfolds, B.J. Scott Psychological Assessment for Adults and Children, C.A. Johnston, C. Tyler, and J.P. Foreyt Energy Assessment: Physical Activity, N.L. Keim and C.A. Blanton/2007 11:49:27 AM Environmental Challenges and Assessment, S. Phelan and G.D. Foster CLINICAL NUTRITION Medical Nutritional Evaluation, E.B. Feldman and C.D. Berdanier Protein-Energy Malnutrition, N.K. Fukagawa Assessment of Lipids and Lipoproteins, E.B. Feldman and G.R. Cooper Clinical Nutrition Studies: Maximizing Opportunities and Managing the Challenges, C.D. Kay, P.M. Kris-Etherton, T.L. Psota, D. Maddox Bagshaw, and S.G. West Hyperlipidemias: Major Gene and Diet Effects, E.B. Feldman, P. Siri-Tarino, and R.M. Krauss Effects of Diet on Cardiovascular Disease Risk, P. Siri-Tarino, E.B. Feldman, and R.M. Krauss Nutritional Treatment of Blood Pressure: Nonpharmacologic Therapy, L.M. Prisant Nutritional Treatment of Blood Pressure: Major Nonpharmacologic Trials of Prevention or Treatment of Hypertension, L.M. Prisant Nutrition on Diabetes Mellitus, M.F. Lopes-Virella and C.H. Jenkins Renal Nutrition, L. Thomas and R. Poole Genetics of Human Obesity, C. Wang, R.N. Baumgartner, and D.B. Allison Metabolic Assessment of Overweight Patients, S.C. Franckowiak and R.E. Andersen Adult Obesity, D.K. Smith Childhood Obesity and Exercise, S. Owens, B. Gutin, and P. Barbeau Bariatric Surgery for Obese Patients: Important Psychological Considerations, C.R. Lemmon and P. Barbeau Bariatric Surgery Overview, M. Stanczyk, R.G. Martindale, and C. Deveney Nutrition-Related Genetic Diseases, C.D. Berdanier Folate, Homocysteine, and Neurologic Diseases, H. Kim and J. Carroll Eating Disorders (Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, Binge-Eating Disorder), C.R. Lemmon /17/2007 11:49:28 AM Alcohol: Metabolism and Effects on Nutrition, C.D. Berdanier Nutrients and Age-Related Eye Disease, J. Moreines, R. Cotter, and L. Ellenbogen Nutrition and Oral Medicine, D. Rigassio Radler, R. Touger-Decker, D.P. DePaola, and C. Mobley Nutrition and Hollow Organs of Upper Gastrointestinal Tract, E.A. Mutlu, G.M. Mutlu, and S. Mobarhan Nutrition and Hollow Organs of Lower Gastrointestinal Tract, E.A. Mutlu, G.M. Mutlu, and S. Mobarhan Nutrient Metabolism and Support in Normal and Diseased Livers, M.T. DeMeo Nutrition and the Pancreas: Physiology and Interventional Strategies, S. Komanduri and M.T. DeMeo Macromineral Nutrition, Disorders of Skeleton and Kidney Stones, S. Wallach and C.D. Berdanier Anemia, B.H. Limbaugh, L.K. Hendricks, and A. Kutlar Food Allergy, S.H. Sicherer Enteral Nutrition, G.A. Cresci and R.G. Martindale Parenteral Nutrition, G.A. Cresci and R.G. Martindale Nutrition in Critical Illness, G.A. Cresci and R.G. Martindale Plant Foods and Phytochemicals in Human Health, D.Heber Mechanisms for Cancer-Protective Effects of Bioactive Dietary Components in Fruits and Vegetables, C.D. Davis Nutrition and Cancer Treatment, D. Heber and S. Bowerman Drugs Used in Treatment or Management of Human Diseases, C.D. Berdanier Drug-Nutrient Interactions, J.L. Hargrove Herbal Supplements, C.D. Berdanier Index


ISBN-13: 9781420008890
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (CRC Press Inc)
Publication date: August, 2007
Pages: 1288
Dimensions: 216.00 x 279.00 x 63.00