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Handbook of Evidence-Based Treatment Manuals for Children and Adolescents
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Main description:

In this second edition of Handbook of Evidence-Based Child and Adolescent Treatment Manuals, LeCroy gathers fifteen varied program manuals and brief summaries of the research supporting each, ensuring that practitioners will truly understand the tools they are using. A completely revised and expanded edition of the handbook's previous editions, this is an essential guide to some of the best programs for helping children and teens.


1. Evidence-Based Treatment Manuals: Some Practical Considerations; PART I: TREATMENT MANUALS FOR PREVENTION; 2. Social Problem-Solving Skills Training: Sample Module from the Coping Power Program; 3. Mentoring Adolescent Girls: A Group Intervention for Preventing Dating Violence; 4. An Evidence-Based HIV Prevention Intervention for African American Female Adolescents: SiHLE; 5. Social Skills Training: A Treatment Manual; PART II: TREATMENT MANUALS FOR SOCIAL PROBLEMS; 6. TAME: Treatment Anger Management Education; 7. TALK: Teens and Adults Learning to Communicate; 8. Manualized Treatment for Anxiety-based School Refusal Behavior in Youth; 9. The Children of Divorce Intervention Program: Fostering Children's Resilience Through Group Support and Skill-Building; 10. Discovering Forgiveness: A Guided Curriculum for Children Ages 6-8; PART III: TREATMENT MANUALS FOR CLINICAL PROBLEMS; 11. Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment for Children and Adolescents: The Coping Cat Program; 12. A Cognitive Therapy Intervention for Adolescent Suicide Attempters: An Empirically-Informed Treatment; 13. The Home Chip System: A Token Economy for use in the Natural Home; 14. A Manual for the Family Treatment of Anorexia Nervosa; 15. Strengths Oriented Family Therapy (SOFT): A Manual Guided Treatment for Substance-Involved Teens and Families; 16. Multiple Family Groups to Reduce Youth Behavioral Difficulties


ISBN-13: 9780190292195
Publisher: Oxford University Press (Oxford University Press Inc)
Publication date: April, 2008
Pages: 616
Dimensions: 178.00 x 252.00 x 46.00

Subcategories: Psychology