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Hair Loss Disorders in Domestic Animals
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Main description:

Hair Loss Disorders in Domestic Animals is an in-depth reference on the pathomechanisms and clinical approaches of all skin diseases in domestic animals that have hair loss as the predominant clinical feature. It presents both basic and clinically-relevant knowledge on alopecic disease in animals. This text is a one-of-a-kind resource providing cutting-edge coverage of the physiology and pathology of hair follicles. Disease-specific chapters include: a detailed description of the disease entity, etiology, pathogenesis, clinical and histopathological diagnosis and treatment modalities.


I. Hair follicle physiology and anatomy . 1. Hair follicle phylogeny and ontology. 2. Physiology and anatomy of hair follicle cycling. 3. Comparative aspects between domestic animal species, laboratory animals, and humans. II. How to approach alopecic diseases . 1. Clinical aspects. 2. Histopathological aspects. III. Non-inflammatory alopecias of domestic animals . 1. Congenital diseases of hair follicles. Hair follicle aplasia. Dyplasia and trichomalacia. Melanocytic. Unclassified congenital alopecia in domestic animals. 2. Acquired hair shaft abnormalities/acquired trichomalacia. Wool slip in sheep. Alopecia caused by malnutrition. 3. Disorders of hair follicle cycling. Hyperthyroidism. Telogen arrest and telogen effluvium. Hyperadrenocorticism. Hyperestrogenism. Classical Alopecia X in plush-coated breeds. Canine recurrent flank alopecia. Canine pattern baldness. Acquired alopecia in Water Dogs. Acquired alopecia in other breeds. 4. Hair follicle dystrophy. 5. Hair follicle atrophy. Cutaneous vasculitis. Dermatomyositis. Traction alopecia. Feline paraneoplastic alopecia. Scarring/cicatricial alopecia. 6. Traumatic alopecia. Psychic alopecia in cats. Pruritus. IV. Inflammatory alopecias of domestic animals . 1. Luminal folliculitis. Neutrophilic luminal folliculitis and furunculosis. Eosinophilic pustular folliculitis. 2. Mural folliculitis. Lymphocytic interface folliculitis. Granulomatous/histiocytic folliculits. 3. Bulbar folliculitis. Alopecia areata. V. Appendix . Therapeutic dose of drugs frequently used to treat alopecia. Endocrine function tests.


ISBN-13: 9780813819341
Publisher: Iowa State University Press
Publication date: June, 2009
Pages: 288
Dimensions: 197.00 x 255.00 x 19.00

Subcategories: Veterinary Medicine