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Abortion Care
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Main description:

This comprehensive review of the emotive and often controversial topic of abortion provides clinicians with a multidisciplinary focus on abortion services, discussing clinical topics in their sociological, legal and ethical context. It is particularly timely as novel methods of service delivery make this vital resource more accessible, allowing abortion to be performed in community settings. Topics include medical and surgical methods of abortion, ultrasound scanning, pain control, complications, and abortion in women with medical conditions, as well as ethics, stigma, and human rights. Written by leading authorities in their subject areas, Abortion Care is essential reading for medical and nursing specialists and forms a useful resource in the delivery of graduate courses in the fields of obstetrics and gynaecology and sexual and reproductive healthcare. It is also of interest to professionals involved in planning, delivering and managing women's health services, including counsellors, service managers and public health specialists.


List of contributors; Preface; Introduction Sam Rowlands; 1. An historical perspective James Drife; 2. Ethics Sadie Regmi and John Harris; 3. Epidemiology Wendy Macdowall and Kaye Wellings; 4. Psychosocial factors in women requesting abortion Anneli Kero; 5. Support and counselling Joanna Brien and Lisa Hallgarten; 6. Ultrasound scanning in early pregnancy Emeka Oloto and Sharon Moses; 7. Early medical abortion Caroline de Costa and Michael Carrette; 8. Vacuum aspiration Pascale Roblin; 9. Medical abortion after nine weeks Joyce Chai and Pak Chung Ho; 10. Dilatation and evacuation Patricia A. Lohr and Richard Lyus; 11. Pain control Ellen Wiebe and Regina-Maria Renner; 12. Follow-up Sharon Cameron; 13. Contraception after abortion Oskari Heikinheimo, Satu Suhonen and Pekka Lähteenmäki; 14. Complications and safety Rodica Comendant, Stelian Hodorogea and Irina Sagaidac; 15. Women with medical problems Kate Paterson and Helgi Johannsson; 16. Feticide Emeka Oloto; 17. Fetal anomaly Joanna Speedie, Richard Lyus and Stephen C. Robson; 18. Longer-term outcomes in women requesting abortion Sam Rowlands; 19. Myths and misinformation Toni Belfield; 20. Stigma and issues of conscience Kelly R. Culwell and Caitlin Gerdts; 21. More than one abortion Sam Rowlands, Kelly Cleland and James Trussell; 22. Factors associated with second trimester abortion Roger Ingham; 23. Staff perspectives Edna Astbury-Ward; 24. Mid-level providers Kristina Gemzell-Danielsson and Helena Kopp Kallner; 25. Telemedicine Ellen Wiebe and Daniel Grossman; 26. Decriminalising abortion – the Australian experience Kerry Petersen; 27. Abortion in international human rights law Joanna N. Erdman; Appendix: list of useful organisations; Index.


ISBN-13: 9781316057513
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: August, 2014
Pages: None