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Clinical Assessment of Sex Addiction
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Clinical Assessment of Sex Addiction is a one-stop resource for cutting-edge research in the assessment of sex addiction. Noted sex addiction specialists Patrick Carnes and Stefanie Carnes bring together the leading authorities in the field who focus on general assessment, early assessment, and long-term assessment and the Sexual Dependency Inventory. Topics covered include PET scans, outpatient and inpatient use of SDI, forensic use of the SDI, and sex addiction in conjunction with other addictions, among other topics. This book is a necessary resource for clinicians and students in the field of sex addiction.


Introduction I. Assessment of Sex Addiction 1. Through Both Ends of the Microscope Patrick Carnes 2. The Neuroscience of Addiction and its Sexual Presentation Don Hilton 3. The Sex Addict and the Family: Variations of a Theme Stefanie Carnes 4. Sex Addiction and its Critics: The Clinican's Guide ot an Emerging Illness 5. Sexual Assessment: What Are the Numbers Telling US about Human Sexuality II. Early Screening 6. PATHOS: A Short Screen for Sex Addiction Mark Gold 7. The Sex Addiction Screening Test Brad Green, Patrick Carnes 8. The Quick Assessment of Cybersex David Delmonico 9. Early and Long-term Assessment of Sex Addicts Using PET Scans Dan Amen 10. The Diagnostic Criteria and Contradictions in Sexual Behavior Tiffany Hopkins and Patrick Carnes 11. Levels of Care and Sex Addiction Treatment III. Long-term Assessment and the SDI 12. The Psychometric Evolution of the Sexual Dependency Inventory Brad Green et al. 13. Utilization of the SDI: Outpatient Ken Adams 14. Utilization of the SDI: Inpatient 15. Gender Differences on the SDI Alex Katehakis and Stefanie Carnes 16. The Forensic Use of the SDI Barbara Levinson 17. The Higher Order Scales: Looking at the Mountain Range Brad Green et al. 18. The Sexual Dependency Inventory: Classes of Sex Addicts by Latency Probability Randy Arneau et al. 19. SDI Higher Order Function and MMPI Randy Arneau et al. 20. The Chemically Dependent Sex Addict Cheryl Knepper et al 21. The Sexual Dependency Inventory and Post Traumatic Stress Deb Kpalan et al 22. The Sexual Dependency Inventory and Finanical Disorders Bonnie DenDoven 23. The SDI 4.0: Measuring Sexual Health Stefanie Carnes, Patrick Carnes 24. The Education of Culture: Alberta Experience Norlien Staff


ISBN-13: 9781138800717
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Routledge)
Publication date: September, 2017
Pages: 368
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Subcategories: Addictions and Therapy, Psychology, Psychotherapy


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