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The 8th Congress of the European Academy of Neurology

25 - 28 Jun. 2022

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Everything you need to ask from specific title and exhibition details to marketing strategies and information for authors/speakers.

How do I know which exhibitions Wisepress is attending?
Our exhibition schedule lists all the events Wisepress will be attending.
I wish to attend a conference which is not on the exhibition schedule. What should I do?
Contact James Davie with details of the conference and an estimate of the number of titles (books and/or journals) you wish to send. We will contact other publishers and if there is enough interest we will do our best to attend the event. Please note that we will need at least 3 months' notice prior to the start date of the event and the expected attendance needs to be at least 300+ delegates for UK conferences and 1000+ delegates for the rest of Europe.
How do I book in titles for an exhibition?
Download the booking form (insert link to form) and complete the required information and send by email to .
How do I get the material to the conference?
To be announced.
What if I miss the deadline?
Contact Kim Reid as there may be some leeway. If not, you can send material directly to the venue - details will be on the exhibition schedule. Please ensure that the shipment is delivered to the Wisepress stand and not just to the reception desk.
Are there any extra charges?
There may be on-site handling charges depending on the conference and the venue. Publishers are responsible for these charges.
I would like to visit an exhibition in person, what should I do?
Publishers who have booked an exhibition are welcome to use the Wisepress stand as a base. If you would like us to arrange a badge for you, please contact James Davie. We will do our best to obtain a complimentary badge, however if this is not possible they will be charged at the exhibition rate. All badges are subject to a £20.00 + VAT admin charge.
Some of our editors would like to attend an exhibition we have booked with you. Can they work from the Wisepress stand?
Yes, absolutely. Editors are welcome to use the Wisepress stand as a base and meeting place for authors. Let us know who they are so we can arrange a badge (contact details as above).
Is it possible to organise a book signing event at an exhibition?
We are happy to host book signing events from our stand if you have booked an exhibition with us. Please contact Sarah Smith with all the details and she will liaise with you to organise a suitable time.
I want to offer a special conference discount on my titles - is this possible?
Yes, please specify these details in an email to and we will ensure that we advertise the offer to delegates.
Can I promote a title which has not yet been published?
Yes, no problem. You can send us promotional leaflets, advance or sample copies or alternatively you can book a backboard display. Delegates can place a mail order for the titles to be fulfilled by us upon publication.
How much will a book display cost me?
Please contact and let us know what you would like to send and to which conference and we will be happy to send you a quote. If you have any other queries which have not been answered please contact us. Alternatively please call us on +44 208 715 1812.

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