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World Cong on Controversies in Obstetrics, Gyn & Infertility

30 Nov. - 2 Dec. 2017

13th Congress European Society of Contraception and Reproductive Health

28 - 31 May 2014, Lisbon, PORTUGAL

Anticipated attendance: 2500 delegates Delegate profile: Doctors, nurses, councillors specialising in reproductive heallth. Conference code: PILL14 Meeting website:/www.escrh.eu/events/esc-events/2014
Exhibition address: Lisbon - details to follow 

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Exhibition overview

The main objective of Reproductive Health is that the population has a safe and satisfactory sexual life as well as the capacity to decide when and how often to have children. 

The European Society of Contraception and Reproductive Health (ESC) was founded in 1988 in France.

The aims of the society are :

  • To provide information on contraception and reproductive health care in the countries of Europe and to improve access to it. 
  • The harmonisation of the legal situation in this field in the countries of Europe. 
  • To promote availability of all established methods of contraception in these countries. 
  • To commission and carry out epidemiological and sociological studies and other types of research on contraception and reproductive health care in the countries of Europe. 
  • To co-operate with appropriate organisations and institutions sharing the Society's aims throughout the world, in particular to share knowledge and experience of contraception.

The 13th Congress of the European Society of Contraception and Reproductive Health will take place in Lisbon in May, 2014.

The theme of the congress will be “Challenges in Sexual and Reproductive Health”, and it will encompass the latest scientific information and knowledge regarding contraception as well as the promotion of the right of access to adequate health services and information on methods of family planning.

Deadline details

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  • Receipt of display material: May 1, 2014

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