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Acute and General Medicine

21 - 22 Nov. 2017

Royal College of Ophthalmologists Annual Congress 2014

20 - 22 May 2014, Birmingham, UNITED KINGDOM

Anticipated attendance: 1300 delegates Delegate profile: Ophthalmic surgeons, ophthalmologists and allied medical professionals, commercial equipment suppliers. Conference code: OPH14A Meeting website:/www.rcophth.ac.uk/
Exhibition address:
ICC Birmingham 
Broad St
Birmingham, B1 2EA

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Exhibition overview

The Royal College of Ophthalmologists received its Royal Charter in 1988  It was established to: .

  • Advance the science and practice of ophthalmology
  • Educate medical practitioners in the science and practice of ophthalmology
  • Maintain proper standards in the practice of ophthalmology for the benefit of the public
  • Promote study and research in ophthalmology and related subjects and publish the useful results of such study and research
  • Further instruction and training in ophthalmology both in the United Kingdom and overseas

The College is responsible for:

  • Setting standards for the practice of ophthalmology
  • Conducting examination
  • Providing professional advice and support for ophthalmologists
  • Defining and monitoring programmes of education and training
  • Producing scientific material such as the journal "Eye" and clinical guidelines
  • Advising Government and other public bodies on matters of healthcare relating to ophthalmology
  • Providing statements and publishing reports on issues of public importance relevant to ophthalmology
  • Running a scientific congress and seminars for ophthalmologists in this country and abroad
The College has over 3,000 members worldwide.  It holds an annual conference which in 2014 will take place in Birmingham in May.

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