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Acute and General Medicine

21 - 22 Nov. 2017

13th International Conference on Malignant Lymphonma

17 - 20 June 2015, Lugano, SWITZERLAND

Anticipated attendance: 3000 delegates Delegate profile: Haematologists, clinical oncologists, radio-oncologists, paediatricians, pathologists and leading researchers involved in the study and treatment of lymphoid neoplasms. Conference code: ICML15 Meeting website:www.lymphcon.ch/imcl/index.php
Exhibition address: Lugano Convention Centre
Palazzo dei Congressi

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Exhibition overview

This is the most important international forum devoted to basic and clinical research in lymphoid neoplasms. Basic and clinical data will be presented during the sessions, focused not on a specific morphologic subtype, but rather on pathways or other biological aspects (e.g. microenvironment, immune system, chromosomal abnormalities, etc.). There will also be Educational Symposia and special sessions devoted to radiotherapy and the ongoing trials presentation.

Exhibition details

General sessions will be devoted to either specific subtypes of lymphoid neoplasia (e.g. mantle cell lymphomas, follicular lymphomas, T-cell lymphomas, etc), or to the presentation of laboratory and clinical research data grouped around a biologic topic (for example, microenvironment, signalling pathway, surface antigens). 

Special sessions will be devoted to radiotherapy, organized in collaboration with ILROG (International Lymphoma Radiation Oncology Group). 

There will also be a special session on Contouring in Modern Lymphoma Radiotherapy planning and space for pediatric oncology.

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