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Acute and General Medicine

21 - 22 Nov. 2017

6th European Congress of Pharmacology

17 - 20 July 2012, Granada, SPAIN

Anticipated attendance: 1500 delegates Delegate profile: Basic and Clinical Pharmacologists as well as related Bioscientists. Conference code: EPHA12 Meeting website:http://www.ephar2012.org/information.html
Exhibition address: Granada Congress and Exhibition Centre
Paseo del Violon s/n

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Exhibition overview

The scientific objectives of this event are to: - Gain insight on the mechanism of action of new/old drugs - Understand the pharmacological properties, pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic, of old/new drugs - Evaluate the clinical efficacy and safety of drugs - Identify unmet needs for the development of new drugs - Bring together basic and clinical pharmacology - Promote the cooperation between National/regional Pharmacological Societies in Europe

Exhibition details

Topics will include:

Neuropsychopharmacology -
  • The Pharmacological Modulation of Adult Neural Stem/Progenitor Cells
  • Phytocannabinoid Based Medicines: Promising Perspectives for Brain Disorders
  • New Perspectives in the Treatment of Sleep Disorders
  • Present and Future Immunoglobins in the Management of Neurological Diseases
  • Second Generation Antipsychotics and Serotonin 5HT2A Receptors
Receptors - 
  • Latest Developments in Cys-Loop Receptor Structure and Function
  • Biological and Therapeutic Roles of Glycine Receptors
  • Rho/Rho-Kinase Signalling in Health and Diseases
  • Novel Targeting of the 5-HT3 for Potential Therapeutic Benefit
  • Molecular Pharmacology: Towards the Understanding of Biased Agonism
  • TRP Channels
Cardiovascular Pharmacology - 
  • The Carotid Body: Target for New Drugs and Advanced Therapies
  • Organic Nitrates from Molecular Mechanisms to Clinical Implications 
  • Pharmacology of Vascular Calcium Signalling
  • Novel Targets for the Treatment of Hypertension
  • Novel Targets in Chronic Stable Angina
Endocrinology and Metabolism - 
  • New Pharmacological Approaches to Complex Diseases: Obesity, Metabolic Syndrome and T2DM
  • Antidiabetic Treatments and the Brain
Pharmacology of Pain and Inflammation - 
  • Botulinum Toxin Type-A and Pain
  • Novel Targets for the Treatment of Inflammatory Diseases
  • Sigma-1 Receptors: A New Target for Pain Treatment
  • Symptomatic Slow Acting Drugs for Osteoarthritis
  • Novel Mechanisms and Molecules for the Treatment of Inflammation
Respiratory and Gastrointestinal Pharmacology - 
  • New Perspectives in the Role of Bronchodilators for the Treatment of Airway Diseases
  • New Therapies for Pulmonary Hypertension
  • Respiratory Pharmacology and Pulmonary Surfactant
  • Interfering with the Crosstalk Between Immune Cells in Gastrointestinal Disorders
Pharmacogenomics - 
  • From Drug Development to Clinical Practice
  • Personalised Medicine: From Concept to Reality
Teaching - 
  • Teaching Pharmacology to Medical Students
  • Standards for PhD Education in Biomedicine

Deadline details

  • Entry into Wisepress Congress Price List: June 19, 2012
  • Receipt of display material: June 19, 2012

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