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Heart Failure Congress

26 - 29 May. 2018

14th World Congress of Endoscopic Surgery

25 - 28 June 2014, Paris, FRANCE

Anticipated attendance: 2000 delegates Delegate profile: Endoscopic surgeons, specialist nurses, hospital managers and allied medical professionals. Conference code: EAES14 Meeting website:www.eaes.eu/eaes-meetings.aspx
Exhibition address: Paris - details to follow 

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Exhibition overview

The European Association for Endoscopic Surgery (EAES) was founded in 1990. It continues to play a leading role in endoscopic surgery and allied interventional techniques. In addition to organizing annual congresses in different European countries, the EAES is also involved in education, training, research, development, and publishing.

Surgical Endoscopy is the EAES official journal. It is included in the membership subscription and is ranked among the top 10 surgical journals overall irrespective of surgical specialty.

The 2014  World Congress of Endoscopic Surgery will be held in Paris, France in conjunction with the French Association for Endoscopic Surgery.


Deadline details

  • Entry into Wisepress Congress Price List: May 22, 2014
  • Receipt of display material: May 29, 2014

Exhibition shipping address for late entries

Publishers who miss the display materials deadline date need to send their material directly to the exhibition:

Please contact Wisepress for full shipping details.

Wisepress will be mounting a full display of books and journals at this meeting.
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