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World Cong on Controversies in Obstetrics, Gyn & Infertility

30 Nov. - 2 Dec. 2017

13th International Congress on Paediatric Pulmonology

26 - 29 June 2014, Brugge

Anticipated attendance: 1000 delegates Conference code: CIPP14 Meeting website:http://www.cipp-meeting.org/en/
Exhibition address:
Site Oud Sint-Jan
Mariastraat 38, B-8000 Brugge 

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Exhibition overview

The conference brings together Respiratory specialists and Pediatricians around the emerging specialty common to all concerned, Pediatric Pulmonology. 

The organizers of the CIPP had achieved, for the first time, the challenging feat: that of creating a close working relationship
between leading specialists in pediatric pulmonology from developed and developing countries around
a number of common themes: Asthma and respiratory allergies, respiratory infections and tuberculosis, Cystic
Fibrosis and Snoring.

Over the years, CIPP has acquired a reputable status among prestigious congresses in both Pulmonology and
Pediatrics by focusing its attention specifically on the pediatric aspect of respiratory diseases, in keeping with the
standards of large international meetings.

For this 13th edition, which will take place in Bruges (Belgium), we are expecting once again a numerous attendees
from all around the Globe.

Deadline details

  • Entry into Wisepress Congress Price List: May 26, 2014
  • Receipt of display material: June 2, 2014

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Publishers who miss the display materials deadline date need to send their material directly to the exhibition:

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