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Acute and General Medicine

21 - 22 Nov. 2017

25th Association of European Psychiatrists Congress (EPA)

1 - 4 April 2017, Florence

Anticipated attendance: 4000 delegates Delegate profile: Psychiatrists, Neurologists, Neuroscientists and Psychologists Conference code: AEP17A Meeting website:http://www.epa-congress.org/
Exhibition address: Firenze Fiera Congress Centre
piazza Adua, 1, 
50123 Florence 

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Exhibition overview

The 25th Congress of the European Psychiatric Association (EPA), the largest international association of psychiatrists in Europe, will take place in Florence, Italy, 1-4 April 2017, in the wonderful surroundings of the Fortezza da Basso, a five minute walk from the historical centre of the city.

The theme of the Congress will be “Together for Mental Health”, emphasising the current efforts of our profession to affirm that mental health is an essential component of public health – with a significant impact on the human, social and economic capital of all European countries – and that its promotion in the population requires the concerted action of many stakeholders, within the health sector as well as several others, including those of social and environmental policy, education, child welfare, addiction and crime.

A special focus of the Congress will be the dialogue between neurosciences and social sciences, overcoming the traditional separation between the domains of biology and human relationships, which has misled for too long our profession and public opinion.

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