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International Society for Paediatric & Adolescent Diabetes

18 - 21 Oct. 2017

22nd WONCA European Conference

15 - 18 June 2016, Copenhagen

Anticipated attendance: 4000 delegates Delegate profile: General practitioners, family doctors, practice nurses, primary care workers. Conference code: WCFD16 Meeting website:www.woncaeurope2016.com/
Exhibition address: Bella Center
Center Boulevard 5
2300 Copenhagen S 

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Exhibition overview

 The overall theme of the WONCA Europe 2016 is "Family Doctors with Heads and Hearts"

This implies that Family medicine must always be a balance between knowledge and feelings. Therefore, the Conference covers five specific themes which all challenge this balance.

The themes are:

The ageing Europe:
Europe's population has and will change and why and what does that mean? Are there variations across countries? What about myths? What about family structure, income and education? Will there be more diseases or do we live longer and better?

Making healthcare affordable:
The Health care system will change dramatically towards more specialised care, higher costs, more fragmented care etc. How will general practice fit into this? What can Family medicine do to preserve and develop its core funtions and values?

The future consultation:
How will general practice develop. what will the content and task be, and how will we be able to put science, knowledge into that. How will general practice be able to address future developments and expected tasks?

Diagnosing - a vital task for family medicine:
We get more and more focused on our ability to identify physiological changes and risks early, to use technology, and to put together many specialities around the table discussing the patient (who is not there). What about family medicine? How should diagnosing develop there?

Inequality in health and specific patient groups:
We want to focus on the possible risk of increasing inequality in health and access to health care in Europe. Both social, mental and age based inequality. Meaning that we can see inequality based on social differences, among specific disease groups like mental diseases, and for children and elderly people.

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