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International Society for Paediatric & Adolescent Diabetes

18 - 21 Oct. 2017

19th WCBIP/WCBE World Congress: Joint Meeting of the World Association of Bronchology and Interventional Pulmonology & The International Bronchoesophagological Society

8 - 11 May 2016, Florence

Anticipated attendance: 1500 delegates Delegate profile: Clincians and Researchers in the fields of: pulmonology, laryngology, pleural diseases, tracheobronchology, thoracic surgery and/or esophagology Conference code: WCBI16 Meeting website:www.wcbipwcbe2016.org/
Exhibition address:  Fortezza da Basso
Viale Filippo Strozzi 1

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Exhibition overview

The main focus of the scientific programme will be to: 

•  Reviewing the current state of bronchology, bronchoesophagology and all the techniques of interventional pulmonology, with the aim of providing educational inputs for the future generations as well as standardization of procedures and the evaluation of the clinical impact of the new technologies; 

•  Looking to the future, exploring new diagnostic and therapeutical possibilities that technology will make possible in the next years; 

•  Integrating interventional pulmonology procedures with other specialist care pathways, providing the best possible management for patients suffering from lung, airway, pleural and esophageal diseases. 

Education, teaching, standardization of the techniques, evaluation and development of new technologies, integration and multidisciplinarity: these will be the key words of the Congress.

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