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International Society for Paediatric & Adolescent Diabetes

18 - 21 Oct. 2017

Osteoarthritis Research Society International 2016 Congress

31 March - 3 April 2016, Amsterdam

Anticipated attendance: 1500 delegates Delegate profile: Scientists and healthcare professionals focused on the prevention and treatment of osteoarthritis. Conference code: ORSI16 Meeting website:www.oarsi.org
Exhibition address: RAI Amsterdam Convention Center 
Europaplein 22 
1078 GZ Amsterdam

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Exhibition overview

OARSI is the premier international organization for scientists and health care professionals focused on the prevention and treatment of osteoarthritis through the promotion and presentation of research, education and the worldwide dissemination of new knowledge.

Exhibition details

The scientific programme is available and includes the following topics: 

Angiogenesis & Synovial Tissue Biology 
Biomechanics & Gait 
Bone Biology 
Cartilage Biology & Biochemistry 
Cartilage Repair 
Cell Signaling 
Clinical Trials 
Genetics and Genomics and Epigenetics 
Health Services Research 
Imaging: Hand, Spine, Shoulder, Other 
Imaging & Joint Morphometry 
Imaging: Knee, Hip 
Imaging: Preclinical Models 
Inflammation and Immunity 
Joint Tissue Anabolism & Catabolism 
Matrix Biochemistry 
Meniscus, Muscle, Tendon & Ligament Biology 
Nutraceuticals/ Dietary Supplements and OA 
OA: Ligament/Meniscus/ Tendon/Muscle 
OA: Cartilage and Bone 
OA: Outcomes 
Pain and Disability - Clinical 
Pain: Molecular Mechanisms 
Proteomics & Metabolomics 
Regenerative Medicine 
Rehabilitation Spine & Intervertebral Disc 
Therapy- Intraarticular 
Therapy - Non-Pharmacologic 
Therapy - Pharmacologic 
Therapy - Surgery 
Therapy: Biological 
Therapy: Analgesia 
Therapy - Stem Cell

Deadline details

  • Entry into Wisepress Congress Price List: Feb. 23, 2016
  • Receipt of display material: March 8, 2016

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