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Congress of the International Society of Urology

19 - 22 Oct. 2017

24th Meeting of the International Society for the Study of Behavioural Development

10 - 14 July 2016, Vilnius

Anticipated attendance: 900 delegates Delegate profile: Developmental Psychologists Conference code: ISSB16 Meeting website:http://www.issbd2016.com/en/
Exhibition address: The biennial meeting of the International Society for the Study of Behavioural Development is dedicated to studying human behaviour across the lifespan.

Abstracts are being solicited on the following 19 topics and 6 periods of life listed below. Each topic is chaired by an expert in the area. 


1. Biological processes, genetics, physical development and health 
2. Cognition and cognitive science 
3. Language and communication 
4. Academic skills and instruction 
5. Personality, temperament and emotion 
6. Social development 
7. Social cognition and moral development 
8. Mental health and developmental psychopathology 
9. Lifespan development of brain - behaviour relations 
10. Normative and non-normative life events and transitions 
11. Parenting and parent-child relations 
12. Family, kinship, and intergenerational relations 
13. School, neighbourhood, community and caregiving contexts 
14. Development and aging in aboriginal, immigrant and ethnic minority groups and communities 
15. Gender differences, development and identity 
16. Development in special populations and persons with disabilities 
17. Cultural and cross-cultural studies 
18. Intervention and prevention, policy and knowledge mobilization 
19. Developmental theory and methods 

Periods of life

1. Prenatal and infancy
2. Preschool and middle childhood
3. Adolescence
4. Young adulthood
5. Middle and later adulthood
6. Across the lifespan


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