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International Society for Paediatric & Adolescent Diabetes

18 - 21 Oct. 2017

6th FIP Pharmaceutical Sciences World Congress

21 - 24 May 2017, Stockholm

Anticipated attendance: 2500 delegates Delegate profile: Pharmaceutical Scientists - see overview for further details. Conference code: FIP17A Meeting website:pswc2017.fip.org/
Exhibition address: Stockholmsmässan
1 Älvsjö 
125 80 Stockholm

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Exhibition overview

The theme of the conference is:

   Medicines for one world:
   Systems approaches to drug discovery, development and clinical usage
With this conference, FIP wants to take a critical step in driving a discussion to establish how different disciplines in the pharmaceutical sciences and stakeholders should interact at a global level to advance science as whole and to realise a future "Medicines for one world" agenda. Leading scientists, small/medium/big pharmaceutical companies, regulators, government officials, physicians, and many others will join us in this comprehensive discussion. Moreover, PSWC 2017 will foster the development of a new generation of visionary and ground-breaking pharmaceutical scientists via special activities for young researchers.

Delegate Profile:

The PSWC 2017 is a congress which gathers leaders in the pharmaceutical sciences from all over the world. The main 5 target groups are Pharmacy practice = (Hospital & Clinical Pharmacists) (Community practice focus on Pharmacogenomics and individualising medicines to patients); Industry (drug development and translational sciences is appealing); Academia (Translational and Fundamental Sciences); Government Regulatory (how do we get these disease modifying treatments to the market) FDA, EMA and government regulatory, Research Organisations / regulatory bodies (Data and model sharing / safety assessment). 

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