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Congress of the International Society of Urology

19 - 22 Oct. 2017

Dementias 2014: 16th National Dementias Conference

14 - 15 February 2014, London

Anticipated attendance: 400 delegates Delegate profile: Old age psychiatrists, neurologists, geriatricians, GPs, policy makers, mental health & community mental health professionals, day care & home care managers, social care workers, councillors, researchers, community, hospital and practice nurses. Conference code: DEME14 Meeting website:www.mahealthcareevents.co.uk/cgi-bin/go.pl/conferences/detail.html?conference_uid=401
Exhibition address: Royal College of General Practitioners (rCGp) 
30 Euston Square

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Exhibition overview

Benefits of attending Dementias 2014

Dementias 2014: The 16th national conference will provide participants with:
•    An update on clinical, research, organisational and policy developments that are taking place in the field of dementia
•    A chance to look at progress in old age psychiatry and its service provision
•    A forum to share and exchange views with eminent faculty speakers

Who should attend?

Dementias 2014 is aimed at professionals involved with dementia including:
•    Old age psychiatrists
•    Neurologists
•    Geriatricians
•    Physicians with an interest in the elderly 
•    GPs
•    Psychiatrists
•    Psychologists
•    Directors of health
•    Policy makers
•    Mental health service managers
•    Community mental health teams 
•    Day care managers
•    Home care managers
•    Social care managers
•    Researchers
•    Community nurses
•    Hospital nurses
•    Practice nurses
•    Trainees

Feedback from Dementias 2013:

"Good current choice of topics, lively debate, good learning points, useful for improvement of patient care"

"I thought the conference was very innovative and informative"

"Once again an excellent conference with excellent speakers"

"Thank you for your excellent work, very good conference"

"My first conference and found it a great networking and learning experience"

"All topics perfectly chosen in terms of relevant, quality and clinical update" 

Exhibition details

Click here to view the scientific programme: http://www.mahealthcareevents.co.uk/public/MAH%20Dementias14_4pp%20LR.pdf

Deadline details

  • Entry into Wisepress Congress Price List: Jan. 29, 2014
  • Receipt of display material: Jan. 31, 2014

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