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Congress of the International Society of Urology

19 - 22 Oct. 2017

European Society for Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

20 - 24 June 2015, Madrid, SPAIN

Anticipated attendance: 1500 delegates Delegate profile: Child and adolescent psychiatrists and other professionals in the field of child mental health such as clinical psychologists Conference code: CAP15A Meeting website:www.escap2015.com/
Exhibition address: Palacio Municipal de Congresos • Campo de las Naciones 
Ave de la Capital de España Madrid 7 
28042 Madrid

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Exhibition overview

European Society for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (ESCAP. www.escap.eu) has members from 32 countries. The goals of ESCAP are to foster European knowledge and skills in child psychiatry, to spread the results of research and clinical experience, and to collaborate with international organizations in policies aimed at increasing quality of life among children and families.  It holds a biennial Congress which this year is hosted by the Spanish Association of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

Exhibition details

The programme will include the following topics:

Neurobiology and Genetics

Genetic risk factors • Neuropsychology • Psychoimmunology • Neuroimaging • Neurophysiology • Gene-environment interactions

Clinical Disorders:

Intellectual disability, Learning disorders, Communication disorders • Neurodevelopmental disorders, e.g. ASD, ADHD, Tic disorders • Conduct and oppositional defiant disorder • Mood and anxiety disorders • Psychiatric emergencies, Suicide and DSH • Obsessive-compulsive disorder • Trauma and PTSD • Adjustment disorders • Schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders • Eating disorders • Behavioural disorders of early childhood • Sexual and gender identity disorders • Substance misuse and related disorders • Attachment disorders • Liaison child and adolescent psychiatry

Developmental Trajectories and Outcomes:

Risk factors and epidemiology • Infant psychiatry • Looked after children • Transcultural themes • Children of parents with mental illness • Abuse, trauma and neglect  • Migration

Deadline details

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  • Receipt of display material: May 25, 2015

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