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Congress of the International Society of Urology

19 - 22 Oct. 2017

Venice Arrhythmias 2015

16 - 18 October 2015, Venice, ITALY

Anticipated attendance: 2000 delegates Delegate profile: Cardiologists, heart specialists, GPs basic scientists, cardiac nurses Conference code: ARRH15 Meeting website:www.venicearrhythmias.org/
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Exhibition overview

VeniceArrhythmias is one of the most prestigious international congresses in the field of arrhythmology. As in the past, all the aspects of cardiac arrhythmias will be dealt with during the three days of the meeting, from epidemiology and pathophysiology to diagnosis, prognosis and therapy. A unique feature of Venice Arrhythmias 2015 will be a special program dedicated to the relationship between food and cardiac arrhythmias, a topic that is usually neglected in the medical meetings despite its important clinical implications.

Exhibition details

The main topics of the upcoming edition will be: zoom in on atrial fibrillation, anti-thrombotic treatment for cardiac arrhythmias, role of cardiac imaging in electrophysiology, syncope 2015 challenging issues, sport and arrhythmias old and new controversies, ventricular tachycardia evaluation and therapy, focus on hereditary arrhythmogenic syndromes, sudden death and ICD therapy indications and technological innovations, recent advances in heart failure and cardiac resynchronization therapy, progress in cardiac pacing, remote monitoring of cardiac arrhythmias/devices, lead extraction and device infection, new technologies and techniques in catheter ablation, surgical and electrophysiological interventions for cardiac arrhythmias.

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