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Supervision in the Psychological Professions
Building Your Own Personalized Model
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This is an interesting time for psychological supervision as each area of professional practice moves towards mandating supervision as a lifelong career framework. It is no longer just for trainees- yet most supervisors only have that experience on which to draw. This ground-breaking book describes the emergence and growth of psychological supervision to enable effective practice. It creates a framework that enables the reader to develop a personalised model of practice in each of the following core areas: Clinical Psychology Counselling Psychology Educational Psychology Occupational Psychology Forensic Psychology Health Psychology Sport and Exercise Psychology Neuropsychology Coaching Psychology As a supervisee, this will create the basis for a negotiated approach to the supervisory relationship with intended supervisors. For the supervisor, it will enable them to understand the value they add and how best to negotiate with the supervisee to agree a shared framework for specific contracted relationships. It will also address the issue of the organisational culture for supervision and the regulatory frameworks that are emerging at local, national and international levels.
Opening questions, case studies, exercises and concluding questions will encourage a reflective approach to the text.


Part 1- Core Elements for Considering a Model of Supervision Practice Chapter 1: The Role of Supervision in Contemporary Psychological Practice: An Introduction and Orientation Chapter 2: What makes Supervision a Worthwhile Endeavour: Defining your Purpose Chapter 3: Perspectives on Psychological Supervision: Informing your journey Chapter 4: Delivering Supervision Effectively: Devising your Process Part 2- Models of Supervision Practice in Different Contexts Chapter 5: Supervision for Clinical Psychologists: Enhancing Practice in a Complex Health Care Climate Chapter 6: Health Psychology Supervision - learning from the voices of trainees Chapter 7: Supervision for Trauma: Working through the Pain Chapter 8: Supervision in Educational Psychology Practice: Challenges and Considerations Chapter 9: Supervision in Applied Sport Psychology: Challenges and Future Directions Chapter 10: Supervision in Counselling Psychology: A lifetime Commitment Chapter 11: Supervision in Coaching Psychology: A systemic Developmental Psychological Perspective Chapter 12: Supervision in industrial, work, organisational & occupational psychology: an emergent model of supervision-in-action as community of practice Part 3- Building your own Model of Supervision Practice Chapter 13: Building you own framework for supervision Epilogue Constructing the Future


ISBN-13: 9780335264506
Publisher: McGraw-Hill (Open University Press)
Publication date: July, 2016
Pages: 280
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Subcategories: Psychology


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