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How To Go From Stroke Victim to Stroke Victor
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Main description:

Stroke Victor is the ultimate "how to" book- How To Win After A Stroke! It most definitely is not just another "survivor" story. The book brings stroke victims, their families and friends, the details, practical game changing lessons, techniques and VITAL NEW INFORMATION that only a persistent, dedicated fighter against the "system," could learn. Follow this fact filled, informative and realistically holistic approach to "beating the odds" after a stroke! Sex and travel, just two of life's simple pleasures, are just some of the many "real-life" subjects covered in "Stroke Victor, How to Go From Stroke Victim to Stroke Victor," the dramatic, funny and no-holds-barred new book that for the first time tells, in straight-forward language, what a stroke feels like and how to "beat it." Bob Mandell and his caregivers experienced frustration, "dead-end" paths, bad advice and rehabilitation plateaus after his near-death stroke BUT - discovering and utilizing little known innovative therapies and techniques, tricks, techniques, devices and philosophies that TODAY can help every stroke victim have a better chance of a decent recovery and ultimate healing, the "Stroke Victor" extended his recovery well beyond the predictions of medical experts. Travel with the "Stroke Victor" from his days as a paralyzed, barely speaking stroke survivor living in a Connecticut nursing home to a participant in America's Cup sailing, international travel, jet boating and wine tasting. And for every care-giver and relative - gain a new window into "what can really be done." "Look, I know all too well that Stroke can be a bitch. And some days, worse! BUT, I AM HERE TO TELL YOU ...." Bob Mandell, "Stroke Victor."


ISBN-13: 9780981822273
Publisher: global book publishers
Publication date: May, 2015
Pages: 256
Weight: 300g
Availability: Available
Subcategories: Neurology


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