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Severe Trauma and Sepsis: Organ Damage and Tissue Repair
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Main description:

This book discusses recent progress in organ damage and tissue repair following severe trauma and sepsis. In part 1, it introduces the theory and clinical practice in organ damage. In part 2, it covers all the subjects of sepsis, ranging from mechanism, inflammation, and infection to the lung injury and neonatal sepsis. In part 3, it discusses 4 new advances techniques in tissue repair. There are 20 chapters contributed by experts in each area. This book is a valuable reference for scientists and clinicians to know the new knowledge and technology in severe trauma and sepsis, which will benefit their work in research and clinic through multidisciplinary collaboration.


Damage control in ACS.
Damage control resuscitation.
Perioperative Intestinal Injury
Role of Mitochondrial Quality Imbalance in Multiple Organ Dysfunction Syndrome Following Severe Trauma, Shock and Sepsis.
Lymph formation and transport: Role in trauma-hemorrhagic shock.
Automatic nerve system in cardiac dysfinction after sepsis
Role of TLR4 in sepsis
Pro-resolution of inflammation:new hints to manage sepsis..- Novel insights into anti-inflammatory therapy in sepsis-induced ARDS
New mechanism of tolerance to sepsis
Goal directed resuscitation of sepsis
Secondary infection in sepsis: immune mechanism and therapy strategies
Research Progress of Burn infection
Modulation of HMGB1 Release for Treating Lethal Infection and Injury
Sepsis-induced lung injury: the mechanism and treatment
Research Progress in neonatal sepsis
Advances in Stem Cell Research in Sepsis.
Stem Cells-based Therapies for Acute Lung Injury.
Advanced techniques in the treatment of burn wounds.
Epidermal Stem Cells: the Future of Stem Cell-Based Therapeutics to Improve Cutaneous Wound Healing.


ISBN-13: 9789811333521
Publisher: Springer (Springer Verlag, Singapore)
Publication date: February, 2019
Pages: 389
Weight: 664g
Availability: Available
Subcategories: Critical Care Medicine


Editor Xiaobing Fu is a professor and director of the Key Laboratory of Wound Repair and Regenerative Medicine of PLA, The College of Life Sciences of the PLA General Hospital, Beijing, China. Professor Fu is also an academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering (Division of Medicine and Health).

Editor Liangming Liu is a professor at the State Key Laboratory of Trauma, Burns, and Combined Injury, Daping Hospital, Third Military Medical University, Chongqing, China. Professor Fu and Professor Liu are also the book editors of: Advanced Trauma and Surgery, 2017, Springer.


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