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Psychiatric Disorders Late in Life: A Comprehensive Review
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Though mental health recommendations for the elderly is rapidly evolving, the few current textbooks on this subject are either too voluminous or complex for regular review by clinicians, and most do not contain the latest information available in the field. Written by experts in geriatric psychiatry, this book provides a comprehensive yet concise review of the subject.The text covers topics that include the social aspect of aging, treatment and diagnosis options unique to the elderly in need of psychiatric care, policy and ethics, and particular geriatric health concerns that may influence psychiatric considerations. Psychiatric Disorders Late in Life is the ultimate resource for practicing psychiatrists, physicians, geriatricians, and medical students concerned with the mental healthcare of the elderly.


Part 1 Introduction Chapter 1 Life Course-Developmental and Transitional Events Chapter 2 Demography and Epidemiology Chapter 3 Culture and Gender Chapter 4 Family and Community Chapter 5 Economics and Health Policy Part 2 Biological aspects of aging Chapter 6 Neuroanatomy and neuropathology Chapter 7 Biochemistry and neuropharmacology Chapter 8 Anatomy and physiology Part 3 Diagnostic methods Chapter 9 Interviewing and history taking Chapter 10 Mental status examination Chapter 11 Functional assessment Chapter 12 Psychological and neuropsychological testing Chapter 13 Neurologic Examination Chapter 14 Clinical Laboratory Testing Chapter 15 Structural and Functional Imaging Chapter 16 Neurocognitive Disorders Chapter 17 Depressive Disorders and Bipolar and Related Disorders Chapter 18 Sleep Disorders Chapter 19 Schizophrenia Spectrum and Other Psychotic Disorders Chapter 20 Substance use disorders (DSM-IV)/Substance-related and addictive disorders (DSM-5) Chapter 21 Anxiety Disorders Chapter 22 Sexual Dysfunctions, Gender Dysphoria and Paraphilic Disorders Chapter 23 Intellectual Disability in the Elderly Chapter 24 Personality Disorders Part 5 Treatments Chapter 25 Pharmacology and Psychopharmacology Chapter 26 Electroconvulsive Therapy Chapter 27 Psychotherapy Chapter 28 Multidisciplinary Approaches Chapter 29 Setting-Specific Treatment Issues Chapter 30 Special Management Problems Chapter 31 Policy, Ethical and Legal Issues Part 7 Medical and neurologic aspects of geriatric psychiatry Chapter 32 Care of patients with neurologic disease Chapter 33 Psychiatric disorders due to a general medical condition and psychiatric complications of medical treatment Chapter 34 Psychological Factors Affecting Medical Conditions


ISBN-13: 9783030103118
Publisher: Springer (Springer Nature Switzerland AG)
Publication date: January, 2019
Pages: 416
Weight: 810g
Availability: Available
Subcategories: Geriatrics


Rajesh R. Tampi, MD, MS, DFAPA, Vice Chairman for Education, Residency Program Director and Chief of Geriatric Psychiatry, MetroHealth, Cleveland, Ohio Deena J Tampi, MSN, MBA-HCA, RN, Executive Director, Behavioral Health Services, Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center, Hartford, Connecticut Lisa L. Boyle MD, MPH, Program Director, Geriatric Psychiatry Fellowship and Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, Madison, Wisconsin


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