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Prognosis Research in Health Care
Concepts, Methods, and Impact
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Main description:

"What is going to happen to me?" Most patients ask this question, or have it in the back of their minds, during a clinical encounter with a medical professional. The language used in a medical consultation usually focuses on what the problem is, and what needs to be done about it right now. However, we increasingly have access to information which allows us to estimate and influence what is likely to happen in the future. To satisfy our need to know the possible outcomes of a
medical condition, we turn to prognostic information and prognosis research.

By looking at characteristics of people, their health and social environment, prognosis research can identify what it is that predicts the outcome of a medical condition. This type of research analysis also helps us understand why outcomes vary across individuals and groups. Prognosis Research in Healthcare: Concepts, Methods and Impact provides an introduction to the field, and discusses how the information collected during prognosis research can be used to predict an individual
patient's outcome. The book also looks at how we can develop targeted treatments based on prognosis research.

Central to modern medical practise, the topic of prognosis is the basis of decision making in healthcare and policy development. It translates basic and clinical science into practical care for patients and populations. In Prognosis Research in Healthcare: Concepts, Methods and Impact, this increasingly important topic is organised around five categories of prognostic research to provide a clear focus, coherence and structure. It is ideal for medical students, clinicians, researchers,
healthcare professionals, and healthcare policy makers wishing to learn more about the field of prognosis.


ISBN-13: 9780198796619
Publisher: Oxford University Press (OUP Oxford)
Publication date: January, 2019
Pages: 384
Weight: 571g
Availability: Not yet published
Subcategories: Epidemiology, Medical Study and Teaching Aids


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