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Problem Solving in Patient-Centred and Integrated Cancer Care 2018
A Case Study Based Reference and Learning Resource
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Main description:

* a multidisciplinary review including the latest developments in person-centred cancer care from 90 experts and leaders
* hands-on, practical guide to patient-centred and integrated care for hospital and community teams, GPs and allied care professionals, including case studies
* a valuable learning tool for doctors, nurses, graduate medical trainees, care managers and anyone involved in cancer care
* produced in partnership with the Association of Cancer Physicians (ACP)

"You treat a disease, you win, you lose. You treat a person, I guarantee you, you'll win, no matter what the outcome." Hunter Doherty "Patch Adams" MD

A broad and experienced team, including medical oncologists, psychologists and allied healthcare professionals, worked together to produce this practical guide to patient-centred and integrated cancer care. It provides a compendium of best practice, including 25 case studies to act as models for professionals to make decisions, either for individual patients or as the basis for policy across an organisation, planning area, region or country.

This guide is designed as a handbook for practising clinicians and professionals. It is also an excellent training tool, which will help new teams and clinical staff to align thinking, develop procedures, and adopt best practice.


1) Patient centred and integrated cancer care - Peter Selby, Ruth Board and Galina Velikova
2) Monitoring of symptoms, toxicity and functioning using Patient-Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) - Alex Gilbert, Peter Selby and Galina Velikova
3) Assessment of Psychological Distress in Cancer - Jane Younger
4) The communication challenges during patient-centred decision-making - Lesley Fallowfield and Peter Selby
5) Patient engagement and empowerment: key components of effective patient centred care - Hugh Butcher and Peter Selby
6) How can the GP support the patient through the whole cancer journey? - Sinead Clarke, Peter Nightingale and Anthony Cunliffe
7) Making a difference: the true value of voluntary sector and NHS collaboration for cancer patients, carers and families - Laura Lee
8) Cancer survivorship - Lynn Calman and Clare Foster
9) Survivorship and rehabilitation: recommendations from a European perspective - Tit Albreht, Christine Berling, Claudia Ferrari, Stein Kaasa and Luzia Travado
10) Improving quality of life for those living with the consequences of cancer and its treatment - Jane Maher, Lesley Smith and Louisa Petchey
11) Integration of palliative care support within oncology practice - Lucy Ziegler and Mike Bennett
12) Integration of supportive care into oncology clinics ensures best practice for patients with metastatic cancer - Tracey Coleby, Lorraine Turner and Andrew Wardley
13) Integration of cancer care between primary care and hospitals - Peter Selby, Geoff Hall, Ladislav Dusek, Fotios Loupakis, Lucio Luzzatto, Tit Albreht, Richard Neal, Robert Turner and Sean Duffy
14) Psychosexual difficulties after cancer - Isabel White and Justin Grayer
15) Social difficulties of cancer patients - Penny Wright and Peter Selby
16) Complementary therapy within patient centred and integrated cancer care - Jacqui Stringer
17) Fertility issues in cancer treatment - Rebecca Jane Lee and Anne Armstrong
18) Practical guidance for integrating Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement into all aspects of a cancer centre - the Welsh experience - Jim Fitzgibbon, Kate Cleary and Annmarie Nelson
1) A young adult with sarcoma: a case of complexities - Anna Olsson-Brown and Jane Younger
2) Cancer of unknown primary treated with palliative chemotherapy and hospice care - Nicola Hughes, Daniel Swinson and Emma Lowe
3) A patient with advanced oesophageal cancer requiring interventional radiology and palliative care input - Mark Openshaw, Sam Khan, M Chauhan, L Clipsham and A Thomas
4) A metastatic breast cancer patient who was suicidal and refused treatment - Kok Haw, Jonathan Lim, Bethan Daniel, Tracey Coleby and Andrew Wardley
5) Metastatic adenocarcinoma of the lung - Vinton Cheng and Denis Talbot
6) Lessons learnt from a deaf patient with ovarian cancer - Nicola Flaum and Jurjees Hasan
7) A case of a young man with undiagnosed Autistic Spectrum Disorder and Hodgkin's Lymphoma - Alex Lewis and Kim Linton
8) T3N1 oesophageal adenocarcinoma patient refusing curative surgery for a seemingly irrational reason - Clare Kane, Cate Simmons, Lucinda Melcher and Maung Maung Myat Moe
9) From diagnosis to treatment - a brain cancer case study - Yin Zhou
10) A case of a woman presenting with painful bone metastases to primary care - Lucy Flanders, Mulyati Mohamed and Pauline Leonard
11) Management of psychological and behavioural challenges in a patient with glioblastoma - Surya Kakkilaya and Jane Younger
12) Psychological therapy to aid tablet taking in cancer treatment - Lesley Seddon, Fiona James and Ruth Board
13) A case of metastatic breast cancer and treatment challenges - Helen Adderley and Elena Takeuchi
14) Treatment of cervix cancer during pregnancy and management of late effects - Alexandra Gilbert, Kate Cardale and Galina Velikova
15) Prostate cancer - Charlotte Richardson and Iva Damyanova
16) Integrated care when cancer is diagnosed in pregnancy - Richard Simcock and Pete Wallroth
17) Integrated care in the treatment of head and neck malignancy - Siobhan Morrison, Andrew Fishburn, Anne Carter, Rachel Hewitson, Katy Everson and Muthiah Sivaramalingam
18) Vulvo-vaginal pain, a young woman following breast cancer treatment - Josie Butcher
19) The use of PROs in the remote monitoring of germ-cell patients - Oana Lindner, Dulani Ranatunge and Dan Stark
20) A case of a young woman diagnosed with advanced gastric cancer - Gemma Dart and Alison Young
21) A case of a patient who presented with metastatic breast cancer - Alicia-Marie Conway and Elena Takeuchi
22) Lady with melanoma, severe psychosis on steroids and multiple other issues - Hariharan Kuhan, Gail Prout and Paul Nathan


ISBN-13: 9780995595408
Publisher: EBN Health
Publication date: October, 2017
Pages: 272
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