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Practice Gaps in Dermatology, An Issue of Dermatologic Clinics
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This issue of Dermatologic Clinics, Guest Edited by Dr. Murad Alam, is devoted to Practice Gaps in Dermatology. Articles in this issue include: Psoriasis and Papulosquamous Disorders; Blistering Diseases; Disorders of the Nails; Disorders of the Hair; Infections; Abnormal Pigmentation; Lupus, Scleroderma, Dermatomyositis; Genodermatoses; Pruritus; Drug Reactions; Dermatoses of Pregnancy; Contact Dermatitis; Acne and Rosacea; Radiation Therapy; Surgery for Skin Cancer; Cosmetic Dermatologic Surgery; Light, Laser and Energy Treatments; and Melanocytic Lesions and Melanoma.


1. Preface: Practice Gaps and Training Gaps: Delineating What We Need to Fix
2. Psoriasis Trends and Practice Gaps
3. Practice and Educational Gaps in Lupus, Dermatomyositis, and Morphea
4. Practice and Educational Gaps in Blistering Disease
5. Practice Gaps in Pruritus
6. Contact Dermatitis: Practice Gaps and Challenges
7. Clinical and Educational Gaps in Diagnosis of Nail Disorders
8. Practice and Educational Gaps in Dermatology: Disorders of the Hair
9. Infectious Disease Practice Gaps in Dermatology
10. Practice and Educational Gaps in Abnormal Pigmentation
11. Practice and Educational Gaps in Genodermatoses
12. Practice Gaps: Drug Reactions
13. Practice and Educational Gaps in Radiation Therapy in Dermatology
14. Practice and Educational Gaps in Surgery for Skin Cancer
15. Practice and Educational Gaps in Cosmetic Dermatologic Surgery
16. Practice and Educational Gaps in Light, Laser, and Energy Treatments
17. Practice Gaps in Dermatology: Melanocytic Lesions and Melanoma
18. Index


ISBN-13: 9780323448444
Publisher: Elsevier
Publication date: July, 2016
Pages: None
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Subcategories: Dermatology
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