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Practical Management of Thyroid Cancer
A Multidisciplinary Approach
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Main description:

Cancer of the thyroid gland may be a less common condition than carcinoma of the breast, lung, or colon, but it occurs with suf?cient frequency to constitute a major problem that is of concern to general practitioners, physicians, and particularly s- geons.Some idea of the frequency of thyroid carcinoma is given by its incidence in the United States. Every year some 26,000 patients are diagnosed there as suffering from thyroid cancer.Comparable ?gures apply to most countries in Europe although the in- dence does vary somewhat from country to country,perhaps depending on the endo- nous iodine intake.Of the 21,000 patients diagnosed annually in the United States,two thirds will be women,and some 800 will die of the disease during the year. This book should do much to improve the outcome in the treatment of thyroid cancer. First because it is written by a small team of experts of international repute. Secondly their wide experience of the condition allows them to write with authority and thirdly they express their views in clear and commendable English.


First book to follow US and European model of treating thyroid cancer according to the standards recommended by the available guidelines

Back cover:

Practical Management of Thyroid Cancer follows the American and European model of treating thyroid cancer according to the high standards recommended by the available guidelines. All rare and curable cancers including thyroid cancers with a good prognosis should be treated by a multidisciplinary team of experts following published guidelines. This essential volume is therefore directed not only to the management of thyroid cancer in developed countries but is also the model that will be highly attractive to the developing countries.

This is an invaluable reference to health care professionals, from primary to tertiary care, involved in the management of thyroid cancer such as clinical nurse specialists, clinical psychologists, family medicine practitioners, specialists in palliative care (especially for anaplastic thyroid cancers), genetics as well as surgeons, endocrinologists, oncologists, pathologists, and radiologists.


Foreword by Sir Richard Bayliss Preface An overview of the management of thyroid cancer.- SECTION I The UK multidisciplinary approach to management of thyroid cancer: The UK evidence-based guidelines for the management of thyroid cancer: Key recommendations.- Thyroid cancer multidisciplinary team and the organisational paradigm.- Thyroid cancer from the perspective of a patient.- The role of the specialist nurse.- The role of the clinical psychologist.- SECTION II The diagnosis of thyroid cancer: Thyroid nodules.- Thyroid cancer and the general practitioner.- The role of the pathologist.- Thyroid cancer and the endocrinologist.- SECTION III Initial thyroid surgery: The specialist endocrine surgeon.- Initial Thyroid surgery for patient with differentiated thyroid carcinoma.- Management of cervical lymph nodes in differentiated thyroid cancer.- Complications of thyroid surgery.- SECTION IV Non-surgical management of differentiated thyroid cancer: Non-surgical management of thyroid cancer.- Fertility following treatment with iodine-131 for thyroid cancer.- SECTION V Follow-up management of differentiated thyroid cancer: Recombinant human TSH (rhtsh): use in papillary and follicular thyroid cancer.- Thyroglobulin.- Follow-up of patients with differentiated thyroid carcinoma.- Management of differentiated thyroid carcinoma patients with negative whole body radioiodine scans and elevated serum thyroglobulin levels.- SECTION VI Medullary thyroid carcinoma: medullary thyroid cancer - diagnosis and management.- Nonmedullary thyroid cancer and the role of the geneticist.- SECTION VII Thyroid cancer in children: Thyroid cancer in childhood.- Radiation induced thyroid cancer - lessons from chernobyl.- The use of stable potassium iodide (KI) in the event of a nuclear emergency.- SECTION VIII Diagnostic imaging studiesfor thyroid cancer: Ultrasound of the thyroid.- diagnostic nuclear medicine investigations in the management of thyroid cancer.- CT and MRI in thyroid cancer.- SECTION IX Papillary microcarcinoma: Papillary microcarcinoma of the thyroid.- SECTION X Aggressive thyroid cancers: Rare thyroid cancers.- Management of anaplastic thyroid cancer.- Specialist palliative care for anaplastic thyroid carcinoma.- SECTION XI Future developments and directions for research in thyroid cancer: Emerging therapies for thyroid cancer.- Clinical trials for thyroid carcinoma - past, present, and future


ISBN-13: 9781849969574
Publisher: Springer (Springer London)
Publication date: October, 2010
Pages: 464
Weight: 863g
Availability: POD
Subcategories: Endocrinology, General, General Practice, Oncology, Pathology


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From the reviews:

Written by a team of experts selected for their contributions to the development of national guidelines, this new publication represents a comprehensive review of the management of thyorid cancer. It follows the American and European model of treating patients and would be of value to any serious clinician wishing to enhance their knowlegde in this field.

With over 2000 figures and tables and chapters covering medullary and anaplastic carcinoma as well as primary thyorid lymphoma, every aspect possible is dealt with this book. It doesn't need me to say it, but this will become a world-wide best-seller. Dr. M. Haq, RAD Magazine, October 2006

"This is a very readable book which covers the management of thyroid cancer in a comprehensive manner. The editors are acknowledged international leaders in the field … . They have assembled a … team of contributors who have provided an excellent and up-to-date review of thyroid cancer. … the book provides an invaluable practical resource for clinicians and all other team members involved in the management of thyroid cancer." (Leigh Delbridge, CancerForum, Vol. 30 (3), November, 2006)

"The main editor of this book is E. L. Mazzaferri, one of the most renowned experts on thyroid cancer … . In conclusion, we think that this book is more than an excellent text for students, residents and practitioners. Its innovative approach and the abundance of useful and uncommon knowledge should ensure that it will become an irreplaceable work of reference for experts in this field. We strongly recommend it to all who are interested in the ‘practical management of thyroid cancer’." (N. Panza and L. Mansi, European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging, Vol. 34, 2007)