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Practical Applications of Prostaglandins and their Synthesis Inhibitors
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This is the fourth in a series of books on Advances in Prostaglandin Research published by MTP Press. From laboratory and animal studies a large number of practical applications of prostaglandins have been identified. In some areas clinical trials have also been carried out. There is usually a long time interval between identifying practical applications of new drugs and clinical trials. Most of the information on practical applications of prostaglandins is scattered in different journals. Although a number of books dealing with prostaglandin research have been published (including some on practical applications in specific areas, e.g. reproduction) there is no single volume dealing with all areas of practical applications of these substances. This book aims at filling this gap and should be of interest to clinicians as well as to medical and basic scientists in academic institutions and in the pharmaceutical industry. In some areas, exciting potential applications of prostaglandins have been identified from basic research but clinical trials have so far not been carried out. Such areas of practical applications are covered in a separate intro­ ductory chapter. All contributors to the volume are scientists and clinicians actively engaged in prostaglandin research and most are recognized authorities in specific areas. The need for rapid publication in a fast-expanding field is obvious.


1 General introduction and practical implications of some pharmacological actions of prostaglandins, thromboxanes and their synthesis inhibitors.- 2 Prostaglandins and nasal patency.- 3 PGE1 in ischaemic peripheral vascular disease.- 4 Prostaglandins, their synthesis inhibitors and ductus arteriosus.- 5 Prostaglandins and angiography.- 6 Prostaglandins in gastro-intestinal disease.- 7 Prostaglandins and their synthesis inhibitors in Bartter’s syndrome.- 8 Prostaglandins and their synthesis inhibitors in migraine.- 9 Prostaglandins and cancer.- 10 Veterinary uses of prostaglandins.- 11 Prostaglandins and their synthesis inhibitors in primary dysmenorrhoea.- 12 Prostaglandins and their synthesis inhibitors in dysfunctional uterine bleeding.- 13 Menstrual regulation with prostaglandins.- 14 Preoperative cervical dilatation with prostaglandins.- 15 Prostaglandins for pre-induction cervical ripening.- 16 Termination of abnormal intrauterine pregnancy with prostaglandins.- 17 Termination of second trimester pregnancy with prostaglandins.- 18 Prostaglandins and their inhibitors in premature labour.- 19 Induction of labour with prostaglandins.


ISBN-13: 9789401178457
Publisher: Springer (Springer Netherlands)
Publication date: November, 2012
Pages: 458
Weight: 686g
Availability: POD
Subcategories: Obstetrics and Gynaecology
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