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Parasite Antigens in Protection, Diagnosis and Escape
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An estimated 2-3 billion people in the less developed countries suffer from infections, often multiple, caused by a variety of parasitic organisms. These infections are frequently debilitat­ ing rather than fatal, and the toll in human misery is fearsome. To this may be added the prevalence of similar diseases in do­ mestic animals, which diminish supplies of animal pro tein. As the world population increases, the already enormous problem also continues to grow. The resources of the less developed nations are inadequate for solving the problem, and in the de­ veloped countries a lack of interest in tropical diseases has meant low priority for research. Two recent methodological advances now raise the real possibility of a systematic and effec­ tive attack upon these diseases - hybridoma and recombinant nucleic acid technologies. The combination ofthese with the still necessary clinical, parasitological and imrnunological in­ formation permits a logical, planned and realistic approach to diagnosis and treatment. The central aim ofthese modem tech­ niques is to define antigens with regard to diagnosis, protection and pathology. In the case of some diseases, work has already commenced along these lines; in the case of others, knowledge lags a long way behind. This volume represents a summary of current knowledge about a wide, representative spectrum of tropical diseases. There is considerable common ground between the different infections as regards objectives and the methods for achieving them.


The Eimeria.- Entamoeba Histolytica, Antigens and Amoebiasis.- Parasite Antigens, Their Role in Protection, Diagnosis and Escape: The Leishmaniases.- Parasite Antigens in Protection, Diagnosis and Escape: Plasmodium.- Toxoplasmosis: The Need for Improved Diagnostic Techniques and Accurate Risk Assessment.- Antigens of African Trypanosomes.- Antigens of Taeniid Cestodes in Protection, Diagnosis and Escape.- Nematode Antigens.- Schistosomes: Surface, Egg and Circulating Antigens.- Trematodes, Excluding Schistosomes with Special Emphasis on Fasciola.- Indexed in Current Contents.


ISBN-13: 9783662091999
Publisher: Springer (Springer Berlin Heidelberg)
Publication date: April, 2014
Pages: 260
Weight: 481g
Availability: POD
Subcategories: Microbiology
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