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Monographs in Contact Allergy: Volume 2: Fragrances and Essential Oils
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This second volume in an exciting and detailed series on contact allergens provides monographs of all 181 fragrances and 79 essential oils which have caused contact allergy / allergic contact dermatitis, including the indicators for fragrance allergy (fragrance mixes I and II and Myroxylon pereirae resin [Balsam of Peru]) and non-fragrance allergens in botanical products used in the perfume industry. The monographs present: Identification section; Contact allergy (general population, patients with dermatitis, case reports and case series); Cross-reactions; Patch test sensitization; Presence in products and chemical analyses; Other side effects (irritant contact dermatitis, photosensitivity, immediate-type reactions, systemic side effects) and more. Key Features: Presents monographs of all known fragrance chemicals and essential oils which have caused contact allergy / allergic contact dermatitis Provides a full literature review of relevant topics of allergenic fragrances and essential oils Identifies INCI and IUPAC names, synonyms, CAS and EC numbers, structural formulas, RIFM and Merck Index monographs, SCCS opinions, IFRA and EU restrictions and advises on patch testing Presents an alphabetical list of all synonyms indicating their INCI names Covers an extensive amount of information to benefit dermatologists, allergists, and non-medical professionals involved with the research, development and marketing of fragrances and essential oils


Preface Acknowledgments About the author SECTION I RATIONALE AND DATA PROVIDED IN THIS BOOK Chapter 1 Introduction SECTION II FRAGRANCES Chapter 2 Contact allergy to and allergic contact dermatitis from fragrances: a brief review Chapter 3 Monographs of fragrance chemicals and extracts that have caused contact allergy / allergic contact dermatitis Chapter 4 Monographs of chemicals not used as fragrances per se but present as allergens in botanical products used as fragrances SECTION III ESSENTIAL OILS Chapter 5 Essential oils: General aspects Chapter 6 Monographs of essential oils that have caused contact allergy / allergic contact dermatitis SECTION IV LISTS OF SYNONYMS AND INDEX Chapter 7 List of synonyms of fragrances Chapter 8 List of synonyms of essential oils Index


ISBN-13: 9780367149802
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Taylor & Francis Ltd)
Publication date: March, 2019
Pages: 946
Weight: 2835g
Availability: Available
Subcategories: Dermatology


1980-2002 dermatologist in private practice in two hospitals in `s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands. PhD 1988: Adverse Reactions to Cosmetics. Author of over 500 publications including 70 book chapters and 14 books, of which 4 are international (mainly for dermatologists) and 10 in Dutch for general practitioners, medical students, skin therapists, podiatrists/pedicures and (parents of) patients with atopic dermatitis. Regularly teaches dermatology to medical students at the University of Groningen. Member of the Editorial Board of the journal Dermatitis (specialized in contact allergy). Co-founder and former 10-year Editor-in-Chief of the Dutch Journal for Dermatology and Venereology.


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