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Methods in Biobanking: Preliminary Entry 2017
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International biobank collaborations allow for studies with large number of subjects where generalizability of findings across populations can be investigated, which means establishing quality criteria concerning the nature of the sample, conditions of sample storage, and the adequacy of available information is of vital importance. Methods in Biobanking brings together contributions from experts in the field in order to aid in the establishment of this much needed consistency. The volume discusses how to use existing collections of biological material to answer significant questions concerning the cause of disease without violating the personal integrity of participating sample donors, the ethical issues surrounding biobanks, guidelines for the use of coding systems and the use of biocomputing and registry linkages in research projects, as well as many other key subjects. As a volume in the highly successful Methods in Molecular Biology(t) series, this collection provides the kind of detailed description and implementation advice that is crucial for getting optimal results.
Authoritative and cutting-edge, Methods in Biobanking seeks to provide scientists with the tools necessary to take advantage of the tremendous current resources of the world's biobanks and strengthen those resources for the future.


1. Genetic Research and Biobanks Don Chalmers 2. The Need to Down Regulate: A Minimal Ethical Framework for Biobank Research Mats G. Hansson 3. Nordic Biological Specimen Bank Cohorts as Basis for Studies of Cancer Causes and Control: Quality Control Tools for Study Cohorts with More than 2 Million Sample Donors and 100,000 Prospective Cancers Eero Pukkala 4. Biobanks Collected for Routine Healthcare Purposes: Build-Up and Use for Epidemiological Research Joakim Dillner and Kristin Andersson 5. Biobanks and Registers in Epidemiological Research on Cancer Eero Pukkala 6. Study Designs for Biobank-Based Epidemiologic Research on Chronic Diseases Esa Laara 7. The EPIC Biobank (European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition) Pierre Hainaut, Beatrice Vozar, Sabina Rinaldi, Elio Riboli, and Elodie Caboux 8. The AIDS and Cancer Specimen Resource (ACSR) Leona W. Ayers, Sylvia Silver, Jan M. Orenstein, Michael S. McGrath, and Debra L. Garcia 9. Specific Advantages of Twin Registries and Biobanks Jaakko Kaprio 10. The Swedish Multi-Generation Register Anders Ekbom 11. Multigenerational Information: The Example of the Icelandic Genealogy Database Hrafn Tulinius 12. Creation of a New Prospective Research Biobank: The Example of HUNT3 Kristian Hveem 13. Best Practices for Establishing a Biobank Goran Hallmans and Jimmie B. Vaught 14. Extraction, Quantitation, and Functionality Evaluation of DNA from Various Sample Types Malin Ivarsson and Joyce Carlson 15. Cervical Cytology Biobanks as a Resource for Molecular Epidemiology Marc Arbyn, Kristin Andersson, Christine Bergeron, John-Paul Bogers, Magnus von Knebel-Doebertitz, and Joakim Dillner 16. Biobanking of Fresh Frozen Tissue from Clinical Surgical Specimens: Transport Logistics, Sample Selection, and Histological Characterization Johan Botling and Patrick Micke 17. Protein Extraction from Solid Tissue Christer Ericsson and Monica Nister 18. Collection and Preservation of Frozen Microorganisms Rosamaria Tedeschi and Paolo De Paoli 19. Handling of Solid Brain Tumor Tissue for Protein Analysis Christer Ericsson and Monica Nister 20. Blood Plasma Handling for Protein Analysis Christer Ericsson and Monica Nister 21. Biobank Informatics: Connecting Genotypes and Phenotypes Jan-Eric Litton 22. A Practical Guide to Constructing and Using Tissue Microarrays Ian Chandler, Richard Houlston, and Goran Landberg 23. Breast Cancer Genomics Based on Biobanks Asta Forsti and Kari Hemminki 24. Monitoring, Alarm, and Data Visualization Service on Sample Preparing and Sample Storing Devices in Biobanks Halla Hauksdottir, Kristin Jonsdottir, and Andres Thorarinsson 25. Fresh Frozen Tissue: RNA Extraction and Quality Control Johan Botling and Patrick Micke


ISBN-13: 9781588299956
Publisher: Springer (Humana Press Inc.)
Publication date: October, 2010
Pages: 381
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