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Hypoxia is a constant threat throughout life. International experts from many different fields, including clinicians, clinical researchers, and basic scientists, have contributed to this volume, presenting state-of-the-art information regarding normal and abnormal (pathophysiological) responses to hypoxia. The topics covered include visitors to high altitude, the latest developments on high-altitude cerebral and pulmonary edema, the brain in hypoxia, high-altitude headache, and similarities between ischemic and hypoxic injury to the brain. In addition topics are covered such as blood-brain barrier in hypoxia, hypoxia interactions with vascular growth, and how humans adjust to extreme hypoxia.


Introduction: Dedication to Herb Hultgren. Preface. Acknowledgements. Contributors. Table of Contents. Mountain Medicine: 1. Herb Hultgren in Peru: What Causes High Altitude Pulmonary Edema? D. Rennie. 2. High Altitude Cerebral Edema and Acute Mountain Sickness: A Pathophysiology Update; P.H. Hackett. 3. Lung Disease at High Altitude; R.B. Schoene. 4. Commuting to High Altitude; J.B. West. 5. The Pregnant Altitude Visitor; S. Niermeyer. High Altitude Pulmonary Edema: 6. High Altitude Edema: Introduction; P. Bärtsch. 7. Pulmonary Hemodynamics: Implications for High Altitude Pulmonary Edema (HAPE); J. Simon, R. Gibbs. 8. High-Altitude Pulmonary Edema: From Exaggerated Pulmonary Hypertension to a Defect in Transepithelial Sodium Transport; U. Scherrer, et al. Frontiers in Neuroscience: The Blood-Brain Barrier: 9. Frontiers in Neuroscience: Introduction; J.A. Krasney. 10. What is the Blood-Brain Barrier? A Molecular Perspective; L.R. Drewes. 11. Mediators of Cerebral Edema; L. Schilling; M. Wahl. Frontiers in Neuroscience: The Hypoxic Brain: 12. The Hypoxic Brain: Introduction; T.F. Hornbein. 13. High Altitude Headache; M. Sanchez del Rio, M.A. Moskowitz. 14. The Hypoxic Brain: Insights from Ischemia; K.-A. Hossmann. 15. Food for Thought: Altitude versus Normal Brain Function; M.E. Raichle. Hypoxia and Lactate: New Insights: 16. Are Arterial, Muscle and Working Limb Lactate Exchange Data Obtained on Men at Altitude Consistent with the Hypothesis of anIntracellular Lactate Shuttle? G.A. Brooks. 17. Role of Pyruvate Dehydrogenase in Lactate Production in Exercising Human Skeletal Muscle; G.J.F. Heigenhauser, M.L. Parolin. 18. Cross-Species Studies of Glycolytic Function; P.W. Hochachka. Hypoxia and Regulation of Vascular Growth: 19. Hypoxia Induces Cell-Specific Changes in Gene Expression in Vascular Wall Cells: Implications for Pulmonary Hypertension; K.R. Stenmark, et al. 20. Oxygen and Placental Vascular Development; J.C.P. Kingdom, P. Kaufmann. 21. Vascular Growth in Hypoxic Skeletal Muscle; H. Hoppeler. Human Physiology in Extreme Hypoxia: 22. Recent Advances in Human Physiology at Extreme Altitude; J.B. West. 23. Operation Everest III (COMEX '97); J.-P. Richalet, et al. 24. Dynamic Cerebral Autoregulation at High Altitude; B.D. Levine, et al. 25. Kangchenjunga 1998; A. Nickol, D. Collier. 26. Why Does the Exercise Cardiac Output Fall During Altitude Residence and Is It Important? J.T. Reeves. Chronic Mountain Sickness Consensus Group: 27. International Consensus Group on Chronic Mountain Sickness; F. Leon-Velarde, J.T. Reeves. Tribute to Niels Lassen: 28. Niels Lassen; J.W. Severinghaus. Abstracts: 29. Abstracts from the 11th International Hypoxia Symposium. Subject Index. Author Index.


ISBN-13: 9781461371342
Publisher: Springer (Springer US)
Publication date: November, 2012
Pages: 476
Weight: 898g
Availability: POD
Subcategories: Anatomy, Biochemistry, Cardiovascular Medicine, General Practice
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